Sunday, August 3, 2014

Come to the temple!!! Weekly email #72

Familia!!! This was a great week. A week of greatness. There never was a week great than this. Haha. Maybe there was. But I'm happy right now, so this week was great.
We taught a less-active, Mel, this week. We had a lesson with her a while back and I felt a connection with her, so I was praying she'd let us come back. It was almost 3 weeks before we were able to see her again, and apparently the time without us visiting was good for her. She realized she needed hope from the gospel! It was really interesting to see the spirit work on her. She asked what we would recommend to help her feel hope, and then she said "well, I know what you would recommend". I smiled. Then half-way through the lesson, without us saying anything, she said "But it's so hard to be Mormon!" as if she was yelling at the spirit. She finally agreed to meet with us and read chapters from the Book of Mormon. She was going to come to church, but she has insomnia and she couldn't wake up in time. Bum. But we're still hopeful!
I felt like I needed to fast on Sunday, for some special blessings. So I did, and it was a wonderful Sunday!!! Man, it was the best. First off the talks were on using the gospel of Christ and then how to gain a testimony on the gospel of Christ. They were wonderful talks and there was a less-active there that we're trying to help make an appointment with the bishop. After the meeting she said she was going to make an appointment! Whoo-hoo! Oh, and I forgot to say that Charles, an investigator, dropped us. He texted and said he wasn't interested right now. We were sad, but we decided we could focus on his wife Susie, who is a less-active member. During the week she texted us saying she wanted to be the example for her husband, and then on Saturday night she said she was going to come to church and she needed to talk with us. Well we didn't see her walk in and we were getting sad, but after sacrament meeting she walked up to us. She got there late and was in the foyer. Anyway, we talked with her and she came to relief society and she met with the bishop after church and paid tithing!! Susie made strides this week! I am so proud of her. She's 18, so it's fun teaching her because it's like I'm back in YSA. Except she's married and has a toddler, so she seems really mature.
Oh, this isn't too eventful, but it was an accomplishment. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we have to run for exercise in the morning. It's a rule. We live close enough to a track that we can drive there in the morning and then Sister Sheperd and I can run at our own pace. I've had the goal for a few weeks to run 3 miles in the 30 minutes that we have. I started being able to run about a mile without stopping. Anyway, Sister Sheperd was my cheerleader, and I ran 3 miles in those 30 minutes!!!! I was such a sweaty mess. It was awesome. I feel pretty good about my exercise goals and achievements. That's all for that. =]
Oh, on Saturday Elder Lucero and Elder Augusto (the other set of missionaries serving in the ward) had a baptism. Roger and Virginia got baptized. They are a brain damaged couple that's been married for 37 years. They are very special. I sang Beautiful Savior at the baptism, and it went well. Our mission President, President Schmitt, and his wife came. On his way in he told Elder Lucero that he got his visa, so he'll be leaving to Brazil in 2 weeks with our transfer cycle. I'm happy for him, but I'm also sad because he's a good elder and I'll miss him.
And today I got to go to the temple! It's been exactly 3 months, since the last time I went was on my birthday, April 22nd. The temple is as beautiful as ever, and I feel like I was taught by the spirit. We got there early enough to do initiatories, which I have not done in over a year. It was really neat to be reminded of those blessings. And also there's a new film!
There were a lot of missionaries there, one of them was Sister Palmer. She's going home in 2 weeks, and I'll miss her a bunch. It was a tender mercy to be able to see her. Also there was Elder Casey, one of my friends from Poway, and then Elder Harrison and Elder Arntsen, who are companions that were also in my zone in Poway. We took a Poway friends picture. I love it! Mission friends are the greatest. Anyway....
The gospel is true! Remember to study the words of Christ and think about Him always. I love this work. And I love YOU! -Sister Bishop
pic 1 - a bunch of missionaries after the baptism of Roger and Virginia with President and Sister Schmitt
pic 2 - Sister Palmer and me =]
pic 3 - Poway friends at the temple! Elder Casey, Sister Palmer, myself, Elder Arntsen, and Elder Harrison.
pic 4 - My sweet companion and I at the temple
pic 5 - the district.

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