Saturday, August 23, 2014

Returning to the place of mission origin Weekly letter #76

Hey family!!! This email will be brief and wonderful. 

Last Wednesday we added 3 children of Adline, an investigator we had already added. And we got all 4 of them with a date forSeptember 13th! Last night we went back and added her older son and invited him to be baptized with them and he accepted. Sadly, they didn't come to church on Sunday and they have to come to church 3 times before they get baptized. So if they miss a Sundaythey can't get baptized on the 13th. We're going to do our best to get them there all 3 Sundays! Will you all pray that they'll come to church and keep their baptismal dates for the 13th? 

We're still keeping busy. We have received 20 referrals this transfer. It's almost impossible to keep up with it. But it's wonderful! 

One of our referrals led us to Brooks, a man who had a lot of really great questions! He was sleeping when we went back last night for our return appointment, so that was a bummer. But it was really fun to see how we had the answers to his questions! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!!

I went on an exchange last week with Sister Pond. I love hanging out with her. Because we're both so far in our missions we can just go to work and work hard. 

On Sunday we had permission to go sing in the Mission Presidents Fireside in Chula Vista!!! That was my first area, so I was beyond stoked. Also, it was my last mission presidents fireside, so it was sentimental going back to my first area. I saw Bishop and Sister Moulton briefly, Brother Dunford and his daughter Rachel, (who is a ballerina!!!!), Brother Keeler (a very nice man who's over missionary work in that stake) and SISTER SCHAEFFER!!!!! (I don't know how to spell her name). She's the less-active that I found and she was ready to come back to church. She was there and I got a picture with her. Her great-nephew is in the mission, his name is Elder Egnew, so I took a picture with both of them and Aunt Kathy's husband, Paul. It was very special. I loved being there and the spirit was definitely there. 

Otherwise, things are just great! Love you all!!!  -Sister Bishop 

pic 1 - Elder Egnew, Paul, Kathy Schaeffer (not sure about the spelling), and myself! 

pic 2 - Rachel Dunford and myself  Don't mind the grumpy sister in the back. 

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