Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weely email #21 Can anybody say "CRAZY"?

Dear all,
THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So last P-day I hung out with Sister Pond and Sister Ritter (from my district) because Sister Greathouse had gone home. That was different. But fun. Then on Wednesday we went to transfer meeting where I found out who my new companion was going to be. It's always nerve wracking. (I think I spelled that wrong.....) Anyway, President Clayton had me stand up and then he said "Sister Bishop's new companion will be.....Sister Kober". I was so excited!!! I knew who Sister Kober was and that I liked her. She is a sister trainer leader (that means she goes on exchanges with the sisters to help them learn. Sometimes it means you talk to a lot of sisters and help them with their problems. And they participate in Mission Leadership Council.) --------I'll start that sentence again. She's a sister trainer leader so I knew she would be going on a lot of exchanges, so I'd get to go to different areas and have different sisters come into my area. I was okay with that.  Anyway, transfer meeting goes on, and at the very end President Clayton says that they are going to start having 4 sister trainer leaders in each language. (Spanish and English). The last name for English, is Sister Bishop. I cannot even TELL YOU what emotions I had when I heard I was a sister trainer leader. Seriously, my heart is going crazy right now just remembering how I felt. Anyway, I just burst into tears. Legitimately. Burst. I burst into tears. I think President Clayton was concerned for me. Not to mention Elder Wallentine (one of my zone leaders) said he kept looking back at me and every other time it looked like I was either laughing or crying. Crazy. I cried the rest of the meeting. I only sang half of our mission song at the end. I just couldn't believe it! I mean, the title  is "sister trainer leader", and I've never even trained! Some of the time with Sister Greathouse felt like I was training, and looking back that prepared me. I shook President Clayton's hand at the end of transfers and he told me it will all be alright and that Heavenly Father knows what He wants. It just makes me feel like Heavenly Father and President Clayton have both put a lot of trust in me to be able to do  this. Anyway, it's been an eventful week.
I do really like Sister Kober, by the way. We get along great.  Mom, I think she might be type 1. I explained them to her, and she thinks she might be type 1, also. We're both 5"7 and blonde, although her blonde makes my blonde look brown. XD It's way fun. She only has this transfer and two more after this one, so she'll probably die here. Die meaning this will be her last area. She's really excited to be in Chula Vista, though. I mean, who wouldn't be excited to be in Chula?! It's great here!
I did go on an exchange yesterday with Sister Bodine in Spring Valley. (Yes, Don, that's your stake.) Sister Bodine is pretty cool. She does ballroom and sings. We had some fun doing harmony during our exchange. We found two really solid potentials for her and Sister Crawford and we taught 6 lessons, which apparently is a big deal for that area. Also I got to see a different area, and it was a LOT different from Chula Vista 3rd. My area is really nice, people here are pretty well off. Nice big houses, and it all looks clean. In Spring Valley it looks kind of dirty in some places and some members live in trailer parks and apartments and stuff. I'm probably in the nicest area I'll be in my whole mission. What if I was here my whole mission?! Just kidding, I know I won't be. Anyway, going on that exchange helped me be more confident in my abilities to be a sister trainer leader. I'm excited to do this! I get to know more sisters in the mission and help in any way I can. I know it's a chance to grow more love for them and serve them. =]
I don't really have anything else to say.............that pretty  much consumed my brain this week. The first attached picture is of me and Sister Kober, the second is of me and Sister Bodine. =]
I love you, familia!
-Sister Audrey Bishop

Me and Sister Kober

Me and Sister Bodine

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekly email #20 3 transfers down! 10 to go!

This week was crazy! In good and bad ways. First, the good:
Two weeks ago our zone leaders that are in our district said that if everyone meets their new investigator goal for the week by next district meeting (which is always on Friday) then we would have pizza. Sister Greathouse and I had no new investigators and it was Thursday. Crunch time. We still had to do weekly planning, which usually takes a while. Like, 3 hours or more. But we were done in 2 hours and off to do missionary work! Our goal was 3 new investigators. Guess how many we added that day! 3!!! It was so cool because Sister Greathouse was driving and she said "Sister Bishop, you tell me where to go and let's street contact". I was like, "uuuhhhh....turn left here! Now right! HEY!" I said "hey" because we were right by a former investigator's house that we had an appointment with one time and she never answered the door. I had been thinking about her that morning and I forgot her name, but Heavenly Father led us to her! We taught a little about the Book of Mormon and set a return appointment. It was a miracle! Then we added one more former investigator and a completely new one that was a member referral. It was AWESOME! I think we were the only ones that met our goal by district meeting, so we didn't have pizza, but that's okay because I didn't want it anyway.
We helped a less-active lady move in one time a couple weeks ago. We went by to visit twice and invited her to church. And she came to sacrament meeting on Sunday!!!! It was awesome! We talked with her yesterday and Sister Roesenberg said she really liked it a lot. They talked about geneology and she loves geneology! She said she's gone back 15 great-grandfathers on her mom's side. We told her we thought that was so awesome, but now she gets to go the temple work for them! (first she has to get a temple recommend)
A family of islanders, the Fehoko's, are a returning-member family. They have been to church 3 times now! We absolutely love them. Yay miracles! I never want to go less-active. I want to always be active. There are so many blessings that come with keeping the commandments!
Speaking of church and Sundays, remember that one time I said I sang "When He Comes Again" at a members home? Well that leaked out and I was asked to sing in sacrament meeting! I sang the same song this last week, and people could not stop talking about how well I did! I'm grateful Heavenly Father let it sound good even though I was nervous. I hope that people take that as me being serious about missionary work and they give me more referrals!!! Yay for referrals!!! I love them.
Pictures are of Sister Pond and I at Sunset cliffs again. And of my district minus Elder Todd because he was too busy messing with his camera and minus Elder Poulson's head. XD We were sad like it was a funeral because this transfer we're starting now is his last one. But really, we should have had Sister Greathouse on those chairs, because in mission lingo, she died this morning. She lived a short life.
Sister Greathouse has been struggling with anxiety that attacks her immune system and makes her feel awful for quite some time. It's been a trial for her and for me. I can't go out and work and struggle with knowing what to do with the phone while she's trying to sleep it off. Anyway, she talked to Pres. Clayton about it on the phone on Sunday. He very kindly told her that he thinks she needs to go home and that he's been feeling that very strongly this past week. Soooo.........I cried. Sister Greathouse didn't, though. She was as cool as a cucumber. She never cries. I cry all the time. Anyway, it kind of surprised me because it's been a struggle being her companion. But as I came to know her and serve her, I loved her. I didn't realize how much until she was leaving and I was sad. I didn't want her to end her mission early and I would miss her. Anyway, now I'm hanging out with Sister Ritter and Sister Pond until tomorrow morning at transfers. Mom, Sister Greathouse "Laurel Rose Greathouse" is going to send me a friend request. Could you accept it, please? Muchos gracias! (by the way, I am learning some spanish. =D )
That's all I have this week. I'm excited/nervous to know who my new companion is. I'm not training, so it's very possible I already know her. I'm excited I still get to be in the Chula Vista 3rd ward. I love it. I've been in this ward for 4 months and 3 days today! Cool. =D
I love you, Mom and Dad! You're the best ever!
Your daughter, Sister Bishop the youngest (I would say younger, but that's Julianne's title)  
My district minus Elder Todd because he was too busy messing with his camera and minus Elder Poulson's head. XD We were sad like it was a funeral because this transfer we're starting now is his last one.

Sister Pond and I at Sunset cliffs again.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly email #19 Fun things happening.

Hello family (and other loved ones) !!!!

This past week has been pretty good. We had interviews with President Clayton this past week. It was really good. I asked for advice on being more humble and he gave me some talks to read. The best part is that he told me that I am a great missionary. I really loved to hear that, because I, like all the other missionaries, want to be a great missionary. I'm working hard, so I hope that counts. 

We added two new investigators this week. One is Lita, a 59-year old Filipino (is that how you spell it?) lady that a member brought to church. Her life is crazy hectic, so we'll see if we can meet with her enough. The other is Rob, a 32 year old guy in the army that the other sisters in our district street contacted. We invited him to be baptized on his first lesson, and he said yes! We had Mariela, a laurel in the ward with us. We left and she was like "that is soooo cool!" I think I sent a picture home of me and her before.

Hey Mark, could you send me pictures of Hank? I've only gotten one that I could actually look at. I can't open attachments. I have to be able to see it in the email. Also, you're in Dallas now, right? Are you happy to be in Texas? =D I love you! 

Hey Mom, one time you told me there was symbolism in numbers. Do you still know what they are? Could you send me something? If not, that's okay. 

The most eventful thing that happened this week is that the hill behind our apartment building was on fire!!!!! 7 companionships of full-time missionaries live there, plus a senior couple. It was on Sunday and we got a call saying the zone leaders wanted us to go home and pack 3 days of clothes and only other things that are important. I didn't want all my clothes to burn, but I ended up taking some clothes, my toothbrush, (I left my make-up), my journal, my pillow, and a few pens to write with. Oh, and my orthotics. (orthodics? I don't know. Something like that.) It was kind of a trippy thing. I didn't have too many possessions, since I'm a missionary. But I still wanted all of them. At least I had Preach My Gospel and my scriptures, my journal, and clothes. That was enough. Thankfully nothing happened. The fire department came and we watched it for a little bit. It was very exciting. I'm glad it wasn't too exciting, though. 

I don't think I have much else to say.....

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being a missionary. It's a unique experience. -Sister Audrey Bishop 

p.s. I attached a picture of me and Sister Perry at the Olympic training center. (she's a former investigator)

and also me in first place
  A picture of me and Masey, a member that feeds us every week


Fire fighters saving my home and possessions from destruction!

Me and Sister Perry at the Olympic training center.

Me in first place!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekly email #18 4th of July

During a few holidays (4th of July, Halloween, and New Years Eve), we have to be in our apartments earlier than 9 p.m. For Independence Day we were told to be in our apartments at 7 pm and that we were to read Jacob 5 as a companionship. That day was pretty fun because we had a ward party in the morning that we brought Alejandra to. She really enjoyed being there with the ward members she already knew. We taught a few less-actives that day and were given burgers by a member who saw us as we were walking down a street. We ate dinner with the other sisters in our district and had a lot of fun. Mom, you requested a picture of me in the shirt you gave me for my birthday, so it's attached. Normally I wear it with the blue fabric belt thing that it came with but it was the 4th of July, so I had to wear red. Obviously. Sister Greathouse and I took a few silly pictures, but I'm attaching the one normal one we took that day. I like it. I hope you enjoy it, too. Also I've attached a picture of me picking up Sister Pond. I love her. =] We had some good times. Reading Jacob 5 with Sister Greathouse was really good. We talked about it after each column we read. I liked it because it talked about missionary work! Now we're using Jacob 5:28 to use at members houses when we go over there for dinner. It's really good. Look it up!
This past week Alexis didn't come to church. That means she can't get baptized before she and her husband move to West Virginia because she can't come to church enough times. That was sad, but her in-laws, Bro and Sis Fehoko came! Oh my gosh, Sister Greathouse and I were SOOOO happy to see them! They are wonderful people. They haven't been through the temple yet, but I sure hope they're on the path to it now. I think they'll get callings soon. =D
Alejandra has a lot of stuff going on in her life right now, including a lack of money, so she probably won't get baptized next weekend either. Well......there go our two with a date. We're still working. Satan has been working hard on our whole zone this week. But we will not be discouraged!!!! In zone meeting this last week we talked about how we need to ahve faith that our areas can have one baptism a week. And we can! We just need to have faith that it can happen, get the members involved, and go to work.
Mom, can you get Sister Cecchitini's email address for me? I don't know her first name, or I would say it. But I'd like to email her. =]
I think I said before that a member gave us Sister Greathouse and I each a $20 gift card to Kohls? Well last night while I was using the restroom (surprise, surprise) Sister Greathouse was talking to the members and they asked what we were doing today. She said we were going to Kohls, and Sister Petersen came up with two $10 Kohls cash cards!!! So now we both have $30 to spend at Kohls. I'm quite excited, I admit. I want to get a few new clothes. If I shop smart, I'm sure I'll come away with some deals!
That's all, really. I hope I have more to say next week. Oh! Today we're going on a tour of the Olympic Training Center that's in Chula Vista. A former investigator is taking my district. So I might have cool pictures of that next week. Maybe it'll be boring so I won't have anything to say, but I bet it'll be cool. Anyway, love you all!
-Sister Bishop
 Me and Sister Pond
 Me and SIster Greathouse being silly celebrating the 4th
 My 4th of July outfit 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Weekly email #17 Two amazing P-days and the stuff that happened in the middle

Last P-day was awesome! Sister Greathouse and I were planning on going to the the temple since my 90 days were up since the last time I went, but it was Elder Poulson's birthday. (one of my zone leaders) So instead we went to Las Americas outlet mall that is soooo close to Mexico. I got Julianne's birthday present there. =D Also it was just fun to walk around with the other sisters in my  district. Sister Pond, the one that sent you the letter mom, and I are so alike. And it's funny because Sister Pond's companion (sister Ritter) and my companion, Sister Greathouse, are alike. It's a good thing that our  companionships are they way they are because otherwise Sister Greathouse and Sister Ritter would never get anything done and Sister Pond and I would wear ourselves out. But we have a lot of fun together.
Oh! On the freeway we were on that goes towards Mexico we saw two signs that said "Guns illegal in Mexico" and one sign that had a picture of a dad, a mom, and a kid running across the freeway saying "caution". It was soooo funny.
After the outlet mall we went to the pier in Imperial Beach. We can't go on the sand or touch the water, but we can walk along this pier that goes out over the water! Can I just tell you how beautiful it was!? Because it was amazing. It was just nice and refreshing.
This week was fine. It was pretty much a normal missionary week. We taught lessons, but not as many as we would like. A lot of people in the ward, including less-actives, are out of town. The school district here only gets a 6-week summer because they do year-round school. That means everyone goes on vacation at about the same time. It stinks for missionary work.
We taught Alejandra yesterday while her son Max was at a day care. It was the BEST lesson we've ever had with her. She was basically teaching us the restoration. I bet she knows it better than us, too. She's only been meeting with missionaries for 3-4 years. It's crazy. Anyway, she was telling us she was reading the Bible when she was 19 (raised Catholic) and she said "where are the catholics in here? There aren't any! I just see Christians!" It was so funny. She is so cute and sweet when she's in a good mood. And when she's caught up in all this other stuff regarding her ex-boyfriend she just will not talk about the gospel! We're still hoping she'll get baptized on July 20th, but it might be on July 27th. We'll see.
We have taught Robert a few times, but he doesn't accept the Book of Mormon to be scripture. He just sees it as a history book. It makes me a little sad when he says that because I know the Book of Mormon is scripture given to us because God loves us. We tried very hard to help him see that, but he just says the Bible is the word of God and he thinks we're trying to replace it. False. Anyway, so we kind of dropped him yesterday. But only kind of. We just won't have lessons for a little while.
I've really been working on having a positive attitude all the time, and guess what! It makes me happy! It feels really good. =] Sister Pond said in district meeting one time that if we're having a hard time having a good attitude, then we probably need to check our faith. And it's true! As I make sure I have faith in Jesus Christ and in His work, I have a good attitude. So what if we have to drop an investigator? It's in the Lord's time. Of course I'll feel sad, but that doesn't mean I have to stay that way. (Thank you, Elder Cristian Mattoon! Your words of wisdom have finally reached me!)
Does anybody know if Zach Swalberg knows I sang him a happy birthday song on June 17th? Just wondering if the word got passed along.
Yes, Mom, I'll join in the fast.It certainly sounds like you had a blast at the family reunion! I can only imagine how happy you were to go back home to the amazing and beautiful state of Texas! And to Dad, of course. =]
On Friday we got a call from a member of the elders quorum presidency saying he heard of a less-active moving in that would need our help on Saturday morning. (her home teacher called over here. Those home teachers can be so great. Dad, are you doing your home teaching? =P ) So we went and helped them move in. It was so easy! It went by really fast because there were other members of the ward. Anyway, there was a 10-year-old boy there named Branson with down-syndrome. Sister Greathouse, who has worked with kids with special needs before, let me know that he is high-functioning down syndrome. He was a pretty cute little boy in what he said and did. One time he was just walking and he said something. His mom translated for us. It was "I'm sexy and I know it". XD The funniest thing he did is that he came up next to me while I was just standing there and he held my hand. I looked at Sister Greathouse and I said "What do I do? Is this okay?" She thought it was since he had down syndrome.His mom said he falls in love with everyone. Anyway, it was just funny. I got out of holding his hand by giving him high 5s and "pounding it". But then he just came back later and took my hand, even though I had it inconvenitely placed for him.
Now THIS P-day we went to the temple. It was so peaceful. It has been about 3 months since the last time I went and I almost forgot some things! I can't wait until I can go more often. But for now, this suffices. I'm involved in the missionary work for the living right now. I was SO SO grateful to be in Heavenly Father's house. I've only been looking forward to it for days and days and days. You can ask Sister Greathouse. She can testify. Anyway, I have pictures of both of those fabulous P-days for you.
Also, you should look at my profile!  And if you don't have one, I invite you to make one! Everyone should have one and advertise it!
A member gave Sister Greathouse and I each a $20 gift card to Kohl's. It was legit. I can't wait to use it. =D
I love you, Mom and Dad! And my family. And friends. Missionary work is the best thing ever!
                                                Me and the beautiful San Diego Temple
                                                     Me and the beautiful San Diego Temple
                                                                    Me by the temple
                                                               Me and Sister Pond
                                              The sisters in my district from shortest to tallest
             Silhouette of me and my comp walking on the pier. We're "pounding it" in case you can't tell.
       Sister Pond, Sister Ritter, and Sister Greathouse, and I taking pictures on the way to the mall.