Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LAST TRANSFER (#13)!!! Weekly email #74

As you can tell, this is the beginning of my last transfer. It's super weird. Last night Sister Stakkeland and Sister Montgomery who were serving in the Imperial Valley (far away from the rest of the mission) spent the night with our member so that they wouldn't have to wake up early to get Sister Montgomery to the airport (because she finished her mission). It was fun to have them with us. And it was actually kind of fun taking Sister Montgomery to the airport. It made the fact that I'll be going home in 6 weeks even more real and I'm ready to WORK for the rest of the time. Sister Sheperd is getting transferred, so I'll get another companion or companions tomorrow. (hopefully just companion. Companions are stressful) I'll have had only 3 areas my entire mission.
ANYWAY. The work moves on! We found a family last Wednesday! We street contacted the mom on Sunday, then on Wednesday we went by and she was home with her live-in boyfriend and their 4 children. (actually, the two oldest are from an ex-husband) They said they wanted to learn, but they understand French better, so we said we'd bring materials in French for them next week. We're hoping we get them in needs today. But anyway, the "husband", Jarvis, came to church on Sunday! We have a great member, BrotherJoubert, that went and got him and they got along so well Brother Joubert said he'd go pick him up next Sunday, and that was without us even asking! It was wonderful! We have another appointment with them tonight. 
 President Schmitt asked the whole mission to fast this past Sunday that we can find families, that our investigators will come to church, and that they will keep their baptismal dates. I felt a lot of power in the fast, knowing that the whole mission was fasting for the same reason. It was way cool. And then we had 3 investigators at church and the one that does have a date realizes she needs to pray harder for a confirmation that it's right to be baptized (thanks to her fellowshippers). I'm seeing blessings from that fast already!  
On Thursday I had my first interview with President Schmitt. He asked me about my family and what I liked to do. It was pretty basic. He also shared a scripture with me to think about this last transfer.
It's John 17:4 "I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do."
I think it's a super great scripture!
But I don't have much else to say. I'm excited for this week! Love you all! -Sister Bishop
 pic 1 - my district drew the Plan of Salvation on the sidewalk. This is a picture from that
pic 2 - our district plus the zone leaders holding Elder Lucero because he's going to Brazil. He doesn't look happy! haha
pic 3 - it rained on Saturday. Sister Sheperd and I had umbrellas that matched our outfits! Totally on accident. haha

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