Tuesday, August 12, 2014

29 SET APPOINTMENTS this week! Weekly email #75

Family!!!! This week has been CRAZY!!!!!! Sister Sheperd got transferred to Chula Vista with Sister Elyse Mims. I think they'll have a fun time. =] My new companion is SisterLatham (pronounced like lay-thumb) from Orem, Utah. She wants to be a pastry chef at Disney World when she grows up. She's a little more apprehensive about starting a family someday, and I said "I know why we're companions! I CAN'T WAIT!" haha. I did share an experience from our family struggles that became strengths that really helped her. I hope she has a brighter outlook on marriage and children after we're done being companions.
Sister Latham was originally called as a Spanish speaker, so we have language study every day. Sometimes I join with her and learn some things, and other times I update our area book and make calls and text people to set up appointments. There is a never ending supply of work to do here! Because....the elders that shared our ward were taken out. So we're kind of white-washing half of the ward. It helps that I already knew some of the recent converts and investigators. But really, we inherited a whole area. So now we are INCREDIBLY BUSY!!!! For example, our first day here Sister Latham didn't even have time to unpack because we had 5 appointments. We have somewhere around 29 SET APPOINTMENTS this week. Since Sister Latham got here we have added 8 investigators. Wow. It's a miracle ward!!!!
Some of the miracles are: we tried to see a less-active the elders had been working with, and we did see him but he was busy so we set up a time to go back and see him on Saturday. In the mean-time we were talking with his neighbors and the dad, Juan, was busy cleaning so he said he didn't have time to talk with us but that we could talk to his wife, Jessica. Jessica agreed so we went into her home and taught the restoration!!! It was totally legit! Wow. I don't know if I've ever had that happen. She has been looking for a spiritual home in a Methodist church and said she'd agree to read Moroni 10 and pray about the Book of Mormon. Her husband came in towards the end and said the closing prayer. He said it in Spanish, so I was lost, but Sister Latham said it was a really sincere prayer.
Then yesterday we went to see a former investigator (that we dropped because she just disappeared off the face of the earth!) that wanted us to come pray with her (obviously she didn't actually fall off the face of the earth). So we went and her nephew, Anthony, who is 21, was there. We added both of them with a short restoration/Plan of salvation summary and invited Anthony to be baptized on September 6th! He said it's been in his plans to get baptized so he'd get baptized even before then. I told him we have a rule that he has to come to church 3 times before he gets baptized, so that's the soonest, but he said okay! He was really sweet. I'm way excited. Sister Latham couldn't get over the wonderful miracle that was. We've said more than one grateful prayer this week.
I don't have anything else to say, and I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures. Oh! I could explain the pictures. I took the picture with Sister Arrington because Sister Sheperd was getting transferred and wanted a picture with her, so I figured that was as good a time as any to get a picture. And then yesterday we were walking to contact a referral (which wasn't home) and we stopped a man pushing his popsicle/ice cream cart-thing. He was Hispanic and said his English wasn't very good, so he ended up having a conversation with Sister Latham and I tried to catch a few words. In the end he wasn't interested, but he was nice and he gave us free popsicles! So I took a picture to document the nice-ness of Rodrigo.
Have a wonderful week, everyone! The gospel is TRUE!!!!! Love you all! -Sister Bishop
pic 1 - myself and Sister Arrington (who I live with)
pic 2 - me and my new companion!!!!! (Sister Latham)

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