Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NANCY GOT BAPTIZED!!! Weekly email #34

Dear Familia,
This week has been pretty great! NANCY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! Wait, let me back up and tell everything in order.
On Wednesday we did exchanges. Sister Palmer and I both worked in Green Valley ward which is in our zone, but to make it kind of like an exchange Sister Buenning (from China) and I stayed in my apartment. Anyway, the first thing that we did was a service project. Sister Buenning and I dug a ditch for a sprinker system. It was good hard work. I'm pretty sure my back is still recovering. =P But it was fun! We had a good exchange the rest of the day. I like doing exchanges. I get to learn a lot. On Thursday we had a mission leadership training, which was all zone leaders, district leaders, and sister training leaders. It was so good to finally be told what the expectations are as a sister training leader! I can now focus on how to help the sisters better. Plus, for the first time I felt like I was a leader. I really wish all the sisters got to be sister training leaders. Because we learn so much! I have a feeling I'll spend the end of my mission training and someone else will be sister training leader. But that's like, forever away, so I won't worry about it. Anyway, I've been focusing on developing Christlike attributes so I can be a better disciple/leader. I'm learning a ton! I had a prompting to get a blessing from Elder Nestoryak, my district leader, about being a better leader. It was really good, and it directed me to the scriptures and my patriarchal blessing. Heavenly Father knew exactly what I needed to hear. Sweet!
On Friday after noon Nancy got baptized! The baptism was set for 5 pm, so Sister Palmer and I get there at 3:30 to fill up the font and set up chairs and stuff. We get there, and our master key doesn't open the closet that has the jumpsuits and the faucet handles in it! So, not only can we NOT get jumpsuits for Tom and Nancy, but we can't turn the water on! We're a little stressed, but we call our zone leaders and our bishop and tell them the situation and we continue to set up chairs and get our little intermediate presentation ready. At 4:30, the time Nancy and Tom are supposed to be there so we can take pictures before the baptism, we get a text saying that ALL of the Ramona people are going to be half an hour late. Meaning, they'll be there at 5 instead of 4:30. Guess what! They all came at 5:45, after everyone had been waiting for almost an hour. BUT! They came, and there were people to support Nancy. Her father and her grandma came, which was a big deal. We heard later that they felt the spirit and were a little interested, so they might be taking the discussions! Boone, who is getting baptized this week was there, too, and he was practically giddy with excitement for his baptism.
Nancy's baptism was short and sweet. The testimonies were simple, and the spirit was there. A lot of people were really touched. Tom, who is a convert of a few years, has never baptized anyone, and he did it perfectly in one try. Nancy bore a simple testimony saying she knows this is true and she is going to continue to progress in the gospel. Her confirmation on Sunday was really special, too. =]
Yesterday for FHE we did a find-and-invite, where we're visiting people that are YSA age going to the family ward and invite them to come to Mt Woodson! Boone came to find-and-invite. So cool! He's not even baptized yet!
So, Julianne is finishing her mission in a week. I didn't know it was possible, but I'm "sister trunky". I don't want to be the only one out on a mission! I really loved it being both of us. There was support in knowing we were doing the same thing. So, Julianne, please, don't forget me once you go home and get busy. I would be so, so, so, so sad.
Ummm......I think that's all I've got! Love you all!
-Sister Bishop

Chris, Cesar (who invited Nancy to church), Nancy, Tom, and Jake
Myself, Sister Palmer, Nancy, and Tom
Sister Palmer, Nancy, and myself after her baptism

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baptisms coming up! Weekly email #33

Hello family (+ some)!!! 

This week was pretty good. Nothing super duper exciting. We added a new investigator, Keegan. We have tried to meet with him two other times and he always slept through it. It's hard for him because he works at night, and then he falls asleep and misses our appointment. But we'll still meet with him. He admitted he was stubborn, but we asked him to be baptized if he knows it's true, and he said yes. So, now we just need him to feel the Spirit strongly enough to know he needs to get baptized. He's been coming to church since March! He just needs to be baptized already! 

Last Wednesday Sister Palmer and I got to go to transfer meeting without either of us being transferred! Because we're sister training leaders (STL) and all, we go to take notes of what President says and of where the sisters go so we can keep in contact with him. It was an exciting meeting. We don't find out where we're going to get transferred until we go there. So, we go to a chapel, and we sing a song, then Sister Clayton says something, then President Clayton says something, then he starts with the transfer script. He starts with zone 1, and he states the new zone leaders if it's changing, then if you're staying and your companion is leaving, when it comes to your ward he says your name, you stand up, and then he'll say something like "In the Mt Woodson ward, Sister Palmer's new companion will be Sister Bishop". (I chose that because it happened last transfer) Then I get up and give her a hug and sit with her! I've heard it compared to the NFL draft. Haha. Anyway. It was really fun to go to transfer meeting and feel the excitement without feeling the nervousness of getting a new companion. By the way, this is my 6th transfer and the first time nothing has ever happened to me or my companionship. 

At the transfer meeting I got to see Sister Pond! My friend from Chula Vista! She finally got transferred after 4 transfers there. (same as me) The first picture is of us. I love Sister Pond! I hope I get to be her companion someday. 

Nancy passed her baptismal interview! (she's in pic #2 ) She's getting baptized for sure this Friday at 5pm. =D =D =D It was a funny story how it happened. We drove up the hill to Ramona (about 20 minutes) to where she lives for her baptismal interview. Our zone leaders had to give our district leader a ride up there because they don't have a car, and they had to get permission from president to do so because it's out of the Poway zone (same stake, different zone. We cover two zones because we're the YSA missionaries) Anyway, Sister Palmer was really tired the night before when she was telling Elder Nestoryak to leave at a certain time, and told him to leave an hour and a half before the scheduled interview time. So they're all there an hour early, and Nancy doesn't even come on time! We call and call her, and her friends that are members, and they're not answering, so we go to Nancy's house to find her. We did find her, thankfully. We ended up having to walk to the church from her apartment because she can't ride in our car (mission rule). It was kind of fun, though. We taught her a lesson on the way there while we were walking. We even prayed. Haha. It must have looked funny. Anyway, then she got interviewed by Elder Nestoryak and she passed, and we walked back with her to get our car. Then we drove back to the church to teach Boone, our investigator who is getting baptized on November 2nd. He is really doing well! His fellowshipper didn't even come to church on Sunday and Boone came by himself and on time. His testimony is really growing. Boone came to FHE last night. He's in picture #3. All things are amazing in my mission right now. 

I don' think I have a ton of things to say besides what I've said. I hope you enjoy all the pictures! A picture is worth 1000 words, right? In which case, I sent you 6000 words in pictures. 

Love you, family! I can't believe Julianne is going home soon! Crazy! 

-Sister Bishop 
 Sister Pond and myself at transfer meeting

Nancy at our FHE activity last night

Boone and a pumpkin he carved by himself for the first time.

                                                 Sister Palmer and I with our pumpkins. Her's says "Sis Palm"

Close up of me and my pumpkin. It says "Sis Bish", and the other thing is supposed to be a bow (by the way, we say "sis Palm" and "Sis Bish", because our previous zone leader, Elder Laxton would say just the first syllables of things, such as our names. It was funny)

Nella, a less-active that is making strides in coming back to church!

Another view

(cheesy grin) I like it!


October Zone pic 1

October Zone pic2

October Zone pic 3

Crazy October Zone pic 4

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Transfer #6!!! Weekly letter #32

Hey family!

I have been in the field for 30 weeks. Wow. Sometimes I can't believe I'm starting my 6th transfer. But then I look back and I think "yeah, a lot of time has passed". Either way, it's been good. I sure am learning a ton. Sister Palmer and I get to stay together for 6 more weeks, at least! I am super grateful for that. =] I really love Sister Palmer and I really love the Mt. Woodson YSA ward. It's the best. So, I'm excited to be with Sister Palmer in this ward for 6 more weeks. BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO HAVE AT LEAST 2 BAPTISMS!!!!!

Boone (investigator brought to church by his friend) accepted a date for November 2nd! And get this, he drove himself to church (20-30 minutes away) and his fellowshipper slept in and walked in late to sacrament meeting. Boone is so great. Sister Palmer and I love him and we're excited to be here for his baptisms NEXT MONTH!!!!!!! Whoo!!!! Nancy is still on for next Friday. Pray that she'll keep her date for October 25th. She accepted Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. We need to teach her tithing and sabbath day before her interview this week. I hope that goes over well. She's sharing the gospel with her family and she reads from the Book of Mormon when she's scared or has time at work. (she works nights at Jack-in-the-Box). It really is amazing to see everything that's happening in this ward. Wow. 

AND!!!!A potential investigator came to church with his friend this Sunday. We met him after Sunday school. His name is Keegan. We asked if he was visiting, and he said "No, I'm investigating". We were blown away. Even our investigators don't know that they're "investigating". He has been coming to church since March. Not the YSA ward, though. He went to the Lake Poway ward. But he's 18 and graduated. Apparently he met with the missionaries once 5 weeks ago. Well, we're meeting with him tonight. We told the Lake Poway elders. They don't like that we're taking their investigator, but they're okay because he's 18. They can teach anyone in their area. We can only teach the YSA aged people. They're hard to find. But we've been seeing tons of miracles. Wow. It's amazing.

We went on 2 exchanges this week. The first picture is of me and Sister Landeen. I went to El Cajon. It was sketchy. But fun! The next day I was back in my area and Sister Durrant came with me. She had a DR's appointment. The second picture is of her about to get adjusted at the chiropractor's office. It was fun to do 2 exchanges in a row, but also not as fun. Sister Palmer and I were companions for about 30 minutes in between exchanges. Then we exchanged again. It was super nice to have both of us back in our apartment. Anyway....

A sister got sent home this week. It was really sad and it made Sister Mims go into a trio with a companionship in our zone. Turns out they're staying in a trio this whole next transfer. Sister Mims is stressed. But she's a good missionary. She'll be okay. 

On Sunday we had testimony meeting. It was a really great meeting. Everyone actually bore their testimony, not a thank-a-mony or just telling a story. People testified of truth, and because of that the spirit was there. It was really cool. Sister Palmer and I both shared our testimonies and a lot of people thanked us for them. I just love this gospel! IT'S TRUE! I'm really happy to know about Jesus Christ and have Him be part of my life. 

That's all I think I have to share today...........

Life is good! Love you all! 

-Sister Bishop 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Weekly email #31

Hey family!!!!

THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! But really, it was. LET ME TELL YOU WHY!

On Thursday we had mission leadership council. A lot of time was spent on becoming better teachers/missionaries through practicing teaching skills and having effecting personal and companion studies. Sister Palmer and I wanted to have a better companion study, so on Friday we did! (Also, we're making sure we study Preach My Gospel. IT IS SO GOOD!) We prepared for two lessons. One was for OUR NEW INVESTIGATOR BOONE! And the other was for Nancy, a potential investigator. Boone is 18, his girlfriend is at BYU-I. His friend Thomas brought him to church on the Bring Your Friend To Church day. He came to Bible study and we taught a lesson there, and he kept his commitment, so he became an investigator! And then Nancy. She is 19, of Mexican descent. A friend brought her to church. Anyway.....

We have a lesson with Nancy and we invite her to be baptized at the beginning of the restoration. It was a softer invitation, like "As you come to know these things are true will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" She said yes. We went on with the lesson, having in mind the goal of asking her again at the end, this time with a date. We were teaching, and we finally asked a question that got her more involved. She cried a little bit. They were good tears. At the end of the lesson we had her pray and ask if being baptized is what God wants her to do. It was a beautiful prayer. Afterwards we asked how she felt. She said she felt warm. We let her know it was the spirit. Then we asked her if she would be baptized on October 25th, to which she said YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Later we found out that she was so excited it's the first thing she told her mom when she saw her the next day. Her mom is Catholic and doesn't want her to be baptized, but Nancy is still excited. And she's already inviting her sister to come to church. We heard in General Conference this weekend that a result of true conversion is sharing the gospel. Nancy is sharing the gospel! 

The other investigator is Boone. We did invite him to be baptized. He didn't answer, but Sister Palmer and I both felt like it was okay. We've met with him 2 times already and he has read like 5 chapters in the Book of Mormon. He keeps  asking for more! He loves it! It's amazing. Nancy also read her assignment of Moroni 7 after we gave it to her on Fridayand before we saw her next on Sunday. She's even highlighting her favorite parts. SO COOL!!!!!! 

BOTH of our investigators came to the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference. They both liked it. We'll be seeing Nancy and Boone again this week. 

General Conference was SO GREAT!!!!!!! I got a lot of member-missionary / missionary-member work out of it. Did you? I also really learned about putting the Lord first. We need to follow the first and great commandment to love our God with all our heart, might, mind and strength. I'm working on it. I'm getting closer. Probably. We'll see. 

Nancy came to FHE last night. It is so good to see her being fellowshipped into the ward. I really love this ward, by the way. I can't even imagine serving in a family ward again. I know I will. I will just be an adjustment. 

Also, lots of pictures this week! 

picture 1- my district! I think it's Elder Laxton, Elder Eppich, (the zone leaders of Poway) Elder Nestoryak (our AWESOME district leader), and Elder Oakley. Fun fact: Elder Oakley does ballet. And then Sister Palmer and myself on the bench. 

picture 2 - Sister Palmer and I with Sister Clayton, our mission presidents wife. She is so sweet. I love her a lot. 

picture 3 - My district again after district meeting. You can't tell, but we're all yelling. It was so funny because we had all our cameras on a table and they were all timed for 10 seconds. We all yelled until the last one went off, which we didn't know when. So we just kept yelling and yelling! And like 2 or 3 other districts were having their district meetings in the same building. We just kept thinking they thought we were crazy. Also, I'm not sure if you can tell, but it says "best dristict ever" instead of the best "district". Sister Palmer did it and I thought she was joking so I didn't point it out. No one else said anything until we were done taking pictures. We laughed so much. 

picture - 4 Sister Palmer and I cover Ramona and Julian, out in the boony places. We were trying to visit some guy on the ward list that we didn't know and we had to drive out into the middle of nowhere. It stunk. So we took a picture. 

picture 5 - "Where are we serving?!"  

picture 6 - Sister Palmer and I at the temple! Sister Palmer's 90 days was up, so we got to go! IT was awesome, as always. This was my 3rd transfer in a row going. Pretty sweet stuff. I love the San Diego temple! (or should I say the La Jolla temple, since that's the city it's actually in) I love going to the temple. =D 

That's all I think I have for now. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! Also, Sunday was my 7 months. 

Love you! -Sister Bishop 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OCTOBER ALREADY!?! Weely email #30

Dearest of dear families, 

This month/transfer has gone by so fast! It's already October and we're in week 5 of our transfer. I can hardly believe it. It's been a pretty good week. Sister Palmer and I went out and did exchanges in El Center/Imperial Valley. It's almost 2 hours away from the rest of our mission. It's the desert. Everyone who serves there says it's magical. There are a lot of baptisms. BUT IT'S SO HOT OUR THERE. One time we called the sisters that are out there and they said it was only 113 degrees farenheit outside, and that it wasn't "that  bad". Crazy. Anyway, we double covered their area since there was no way we were going to go back to Poway to do the exchange. I went with Sister Munns. It was a good day. Surprisingly, it was BEAUTIFUL weather out there. It  maybe got up to 80. Yeah, it was crazy. Anyway, pictures 1, 2 and 3 are from that exchange. It was fun. 

We went on another exchange yesterday. Sister Marmol came with me into Mt Woodson area and Sister Palmer went with Sister Marmol's companion. First off, Sister Marmol is a temple square missionary. They come out full-proselyting for two transfers so they can have the experience. Which is cool, except where are my two transfers as a visitor center sister? =P Anyway, she's from Spain! I was speaking Spanish with her. Only a little. But I knew enough to say a few things. I told her I wanted to pray in Spanish, so she helped me out while I was asking Heavenly Father to bless the food. Haha. She was super cute. I really like her. I hope we stay friends. She's in picture #5. She was telling me about the temple square mission. Oh my gosh, it is so different than a normal proselyting mission. First off, there are ONLY sisters there, except for the mission president. All 200 something sisters have to get a blessing from him if they want one. Second, all the district leaders, zone leaders, and assistants to the president are sisters. Crazy!!! They work really tiring hours. They get transferred all the time. And by transferred, I mean they move assignments and apartments. It was just so crazy to learn about it. It sounded neat. 

Hey, the Relief Society broadcast was this week! IT WAS SO GOOD! They had the choir as sister missionaries from the MTC. When we heard that, Sister Palmer and I both just started crying. We're so happy to be part of the work right now. Sister Palmer is 19, and doesn't turn 20 until just before her year mark. She's super young. Anyway, then the whole thing was about missionary work and keeping covenants. Mom, I thought a lot of you. I hope you felt my love. And then President Monson spoke of prayer. Man, super inspired. I cannot wait until general conference! It's going to be so good! =D =D =D 

On Sunday we had "bring your friend to church". Only 4 or 5 non-members were there. A lot of people said their friend couldn't make it that Sunday, but was going to come another Sunday. It was good, though. We got two appointments out of it. Well, kind of. One was with Nancy, the girl we were supposed to see last week but it didn't work out. So, it would have been great if we had investigators there, but we don't have any to bring, so we didn't. But we will soon! It was pretty fun to see how people were telling us about their friend that couldn't make it that day, but was going to come later.

On Sunday night we got fed dinner at a members home. Her name is Diamond, and she's a convert. It was really fun. She's in picture #4. 

Yeah, I don't know if there's a whole lot more to say. I really love what I'm doing. I know the gospel is true. I'm excited just being here. =] 

Love you! -Sister Bishop 

picture 1 - Sister Palmer being excited about going back to her birth place, me being apprehensive of  going out to the Imperial Valley.

picture 2 - an example of all the boulders we saw on our way out to the valley. SO MANY. 

picture 3 - a picture of Sister Munns and myself, the sister in the valley I did exchanges with 

picture 4 - Sister Palmer, Diamond ( a member ) and myself. Mom, I'm wearing the necklace you made me! One of the strands broke off. And I'm wearing a new watch I got because my old one stopped working. 
picture 5 - a picture of myself and Sister Marmol, the temple square sister from Spain