Sunday, July 20, 2014

Miracles right now!!! Weekly email #71

This week was pretty good. On Tuesday night I went on an exchange with Sister Garlow and Sister Pond, my sister training leaders. They helped me so much! They reminded me of my strengths and gave me the courage to be my best self. I love those sisters. Sister Garlow came out the same time as I did and Sister Pond came out just one transfer after, so we're all about the same mission age. It was super nice to just go out and work with them. It seemed like the theme of my personal study that morning (and this entire week!) has been to trust in the Lord. There was one verse I found in my personal study of the Book of Mormon that I thought hit home so well. It's Ether 3:5. It's when the brother of Jared is asking the Lord to touch the stones so they can have light in the boats/barges. It says
 5 Behold, O Lord, thou canst do this. We know that thou art able to show forth great power, which looks‍ small unto theunderstanding of men.
What hit me so hard is that the Lord is showing is great power all the time, but I just can't see it with my small understanding. It really strengthened my faith that Heavenly Father is performing miracles RIGHT NOW in this area, and I just can't see them. Speaking of miracles.....
We added 3 investigators last week! It had been a while since we'd added any, and I was feeling pretty sad about that, so I was really happy that we found a woman (who was a former investigator) and a couple! The married couple has 2 kids that are under the age of 8. We brought a member to that first lesson and we had a pretty good discussion on the plan of salvation. Our plan was to teach the restoration, but when we asked questions in how to begin teaching, Travis said he always wondered what happened after we died. Well! We have the answer! So we taught the plan of salvation. At the end they said they still aren't sure they want to investigate, but that they'd let us come back and follow up on reading the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. We brought a member with us and he really seemed to connect with Travis. It was a cool experience to teach a family. I've only done it a handful of times on my mission. I definitely want to do it more.
This week we cut down a tree! A good while back Sister Sheperd and I talked to a lady on her porch and offered service. She asked if we could take down her tree, to which we said maybe. She said she'd think about it. Then we asked for a referral, and she told us that they lady across the street needed her tree taken down. So we went right on over and asked if she wanted her tree taken down, and she was flabbergasted we would do it for free! We assured her it would be for free, but we'd have to make sure we could do it. We made some calls, and a good while later, we had our elders quorum president there to operate the chain saw, his 4 sons, and my district there to move the wood. It took about 2 hours. Not bad. Dusty was so appreciative. I hope her heart is softened towards the gospel.
Then that evening we did some gardening with a potential investigator. Her husband is an active member. She had us over for dinner and then we did some gardening! It was pretty fun. We didn't get as much proselyting done that day, but we sure went to bed happy.
On Saturday Sister Chavez and I made rice and chile rellanos. They were so delicious. Oh man. I ate the last one yesterday. I still have a good amount of rice left, though. That's super nice. Anyway, just wanted you to know. haha
Sister Chavez went home on Sunday night. She was good to have with us. It was different to see my mission through the eyes of someone who was only serving for 2 weeks. She worked hard. I'm glad she got to serve a mini-mission.
Other than that, things are good. The gospel is true! Serve the Lord by inviting!
I love you all! -Sister Bishop
pic 1 - myself, Sister Pond, and Sister Garlow on our exchange
pic 2 - the tree is coming down!
pic 3 - the group of us that helped cut down Dusty's tree
pic 4 - Sister Chavez's mom and friend came to pick her up. 

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