Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weely email #21 Can anybody say "CRAZY"?

Dear all,
THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So last P-day I hung out with Sister Pond and Sister Ritter (from my district) because Sister Greathouse had gone home. That was different. But fun. Then on Wednesday we went to transfer meeting where I found out who my new companion was going to be. It's always nerve wracking. (I think I spelled that wrong.....) Anyway, President Clayton had me stand up and then he said "Sister Bishop's new companion will be.....Sister Kober". I was so excited!!! I knew who Sister Kober was and that I liked her. She is a sister trainer leader (that means she goes on exchanges with the sisters to help them learn. Sometimes it means you talk to a lot of sisters and help them with their problems. And they participate in Mission Leadership Council.) --------I'll start that sentence again. She's a sister trainer leader so I knew she would be going on a lot of exchanges, so I'd get to go to different areas and have different sisters come into my area. I was okay with that.  Anyway, transfer meeting goes on, and at the very end President Clayton says that they are going to start having 4 sister trainer leaders in each language. (Spanish and English). The last name for English, is Sister Bishop. I cannot even TELL YOU what emotions I had when I heard I was a sister trainer leader. Seriously, my heart is going crazy right now just remembering how I felt. Anyway, I just burst into tears. Legitimately. Burst. I burst into tears. I think President Clayton was concerned for me. Not to mention Elder Wallentine (one of my zone leaders) said he kept looking back at me and every other time it looked like I was either laughing or crying. Crazy. I cried the rest of the meeting. I only sang half of our mission song at the end. I just couldn't believe it! I mean, the title  is "sister trainer leader", and I've never even trained! Some of the time with Sister Greathouse felt like I was training, and looking back that prepared me. I shook President Clayton's hand at the end of transfers and he told me it will all be alright and that Heavenly Father knows what He wants. It just makes me feel like Heavenly Father and President Clayton have both put a lot of trust in me to be able to do  this. Anyway, it's been an eventful week.
I do really like Sister Kober, by the way. We get along great.  Mom, I think she might be type 1. I explained them to her, and she thinks she might be type 1, also. We're both 5"7 and blonde, although her blonde makes my blonde look brown. XD It's way fun. She only has this transfer and two more after this one, so she'll probably die here. Die meaning this will be her last area. She's really excited to be in Chula Vista, though. I mean, who wouldn't be excited to be in Chula?! It's great here!
I did go on an exchange yesterday with Sister Bodine in Spring Valley. (Yes, Don, that's your stake.) Sister Bodine is pretty cool. She does ballroom and sings. We had some fun doing harmony during our exchange. We found two really solid potentials for her and Sister Crawford and we taught 6 lessons, which apparently is a big deal for that area. Also I got to see a different area, and it was a LOT different from Chula Vista 3rd. My area is really nice, people here are pretty well off. Nice big houses, and it all looks clean. In Spring Valley it looks kind of dirty in some places and some members live in trailer parks and apartments and stuff. I'm probably in the nicest area I'll be in my whole mission. What if I was here my whole mission?! Just kidding, I know I won't be. Anyway, going on that exchange helped me be more confident in my abilities to be a sister trainer leader. I'm excited to do this! I get to know more sisters in the mission and help in any way I can. I know it's a chance to grow more love for them and serve them. =]
I don't really have anything else to say.............that pretty  much consumed my brain this week. The first attached picture is of me and Sister Kober, the second is of me and Sister Bodine. =]
I love you, familia!
-Sister Audrey Bishop

Me and Sister Kober

Me and Sister Bodine

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