Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly email #19 Fun things happening.

Hello family (and other loved ones) !!!!

This past week has been pretty good. We had interviews with President Clayton this past week. It was really good. I asked for advice on being more humble and he gave me some talks to read. The best part is that he told me that I am a great missionary. I really loved to hear that, because I, like all the other missionaries, want to be a great missionary. I'm working hard, so I hope that counts. 

We added two new investigators this week. One is Lita, a 59-year old Filipino (is that how you spell it?) lady that a member brought to church. Her life is crazy hectic, so we'll see if we can meet with her enough. The other is Rob, a 32 year old guy in the army that the other sisters in our district street contacted. We invited him to be baptized on his first lesson, and he said yes! We had Mariela, a laurel in the ward with us. We left and she was like "that is soooo cool!" I think I sent a picture home of me and her before.

Hey Mark, could you send me pictures of Hank? I've only gotten one that I could actually look at. I can't open attachments. I have to be able to see it in the email. Also, you're in Dallas now, right? Are you happy to be in Texas? =D I love you! 

Hey Mom, one time you told me there was symbolism in numbers. Do you still know what they are? Could you send me something? If not, that's okay. 

The most eventful thing that happened this week is that the hill behind our apartment building was on fire!!!!! 7 companionships of full-time missionaries live there, plus a senior couple. It was on Sunday and we got a call saying the zone leaders wanted us to go home and pack 3 days of clothes and only other things that are important. I didn't want all my clothes to burn, but I ended up taking some clothes, my toothbrush, (I left my make-up), my journal, my pillow, and a few pens to write with. Oh, and my orthotics. (orthodics? I don't know. Something like that.) It was kind of a trippy thing. I didn't have too many possessions, since I'm a missionary. But I still wanted all of them. At least I had Preach My Gospel and my scriptures, my journal, and clothes. That was enough. Thankfully nothing happened. The fire department came and we watched it for a little bit. It was very exciting. I'm glad it wasn't too exciting, though. 

I don't think I have much else to say.....

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being a missionary. It's a unique experience. -Sister Audrey Bishop 

p.s. I attached a picture of me and Sister Perry at the Olympic training center. (she's a former investigator)

and also me in first place
  A picture of me and Masey, a member that feeds us every week


Fire fighters saving my home and possessions from destruction!

Me and Sister Perry at the Olympic training center.

Me in first place!

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