Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekly email # 22 Elder Ballard came!

As you can tell from the subject line, Elder Ballard came this week! He came on Wednesday and we got to hear from him for about an hour and a half as a whole mission. Can I tell you it was amazing?! Because it absolutely was! He told us a bunch of things, but here's a list of things that I remember right now without having my notes:
1. We can do more than we are. (in essence, work smarter and harder)
2. We have the power to call down help from heaven.
3. When it turned to Q&A someone asked how we be exactly obedient without being rude and over bearing. He replied "just be good! Have fun!" That was awesome. It is fun to be a missionary. We follow the white handbook exactly so we can remember Christ always (like the law of Moses), but if we get so caught up on being exactly obedient we miss a lot of things. Not to mention we won't have fun if we're worrying.
He also came to mission leadership council (which I go to now because I'm a sister trainer leader. It's awesome!) and talked to the 36 of us. He said a lot of the same things, but he said a few more.
1. He promised that each and every one of us could find, teach, baptized in the month of August. He talked about how our areas need to be examples to other missionaries to show them that people can get baptized.
2. I think he said that we could all have a baptism a month for the rest of our missions. Of course, that is if we just go work!
Okay, he said a ton more, but I don't remember it. Just know that I'm really excited to go do more missionary work. Sister Kober and I taught 34 lessons this week, added 4 new investigators and had 4 at sacrament meeting! It was insane! We really loved working that hard and we saw that Heavenly Father was blessing us. Not to mention we received 8 referrals in one day. We saw that we could do that much work by ourselves, so we told our ward council to help us! It's kind of hard to get ward councils on the band wagon, but when done properly it is super powerful! Anyway, we are being so super blessed here, it's kind of ridiculous.
I love you all!

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