Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekly email #18 4th of July

During a few holidays (4th of July, Halloween, and New Years Eve), we have to be in our apartments earlier than 9 p.m. For Independence Day we were told to be in our apartments at 7 pm and that we were to read Jacob 5 as a companionship. That day was pretty fun because we had a ward party in the morning that we brought Alejandra to. She really enjoyed being there with the ward members she already knew. We taught a few less-actives that day and were given burgers by a member who saw us as we were walking down a street. We ate dinner with the other sisters in our district and had a lot of fun. Mom, you requested a picture of me in the shirt you gave me for my birthday, so it's attached. Normally I wear it with the blue fabric belt thing that it came with but it was the 4th of July, so I had to wear red. Obviously. Sister Greathouse and I took a few silly pictures, but I'm attaching the one normal one we took that day. I like it. I hope you enjoy it, too. Also I've attached a picture of me picking up Sister Pond. I love her. =] We had some good times. Reading Jacob 5 with Sister Greathouse was really good. We talked about it after each column we read. I liked it because it talked about missionary work! Now we're using Jacob 5:28 to use at members houses when we go over there for dinner. It's really good. Look it up!
This past week Alexis didn't come to church. That means she can't get baptized before she and her husband move to West Virginia because she can't come to church enough times. That was sad, but her in-laws, Bro and Sis Fehoko came! Oh my gosh, Sister Greathouse and I were SOOOO happy to see them! They are wonderful people. They haven't been through the temple yet, but I sure hope they're on the path to it now. I think they'll get callings soon. =D
Alejandra has a lot of stuff going on in her life right now, including a lack of money, so she probably won't get baptized next weekend either. Well......there go our two with a date. We're still working. Satan has been working hard on our whole zone this week. But we will not be discouraged!!!! In zone meeting this last week we talked about how we need to ahve faith that our areas can have one baptism a week. And we can! We just need to have faith that it can happen, get the members involved, and go to work.
Mom, can you get Sister Cecchitini's email address for me? I don't know her first name, or I would say it. But I'd like to email her. =]
I think I said before that a member gave us Sister Greathouse and I each a $20 gift card to Kohls? Well last night while I was using the restroom (surprise, surprise) Sister Greathouse was talking to the members and they asked what we were doing today. She said we were going to Kohls, and Sister Petersen came up with two $10 Kohls cash cards!!! So now we both have $30 to spend at Kohls. I'm quite excited, I admit. I want to get a few new clothes. If I shop smart, I'm sure I'll come away with some deals!
That's all, really. I hope I have more to say next week. Oh! Today we're going on a tour of the Olympic Training Center that's in Chula Vista. A former investigator is taking my district. So I might have cool pictures of that next week. Maybe it'll be boring so I won't have anything to say, but I bet it'll be cool. Anyway, love you all!
-Sister Bishop
 Me and Sister Pond
 Me and SIster Greathouse being silly celebrating the 4th
 My 4th of July outfit 

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