Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekly email #20 3 transfers down! 10 to go!

This week was crazy! In good and bad ways. First, the good:
Two weeks ago our zone leaders that are in our district said that if everyone meets their new investigator goal for the week by next district meeting (which is always on Friday) then we would have pizza. Sister Greathouse and I had no new investigators and it was Thursday. Crunch time. We still had to do weekly planning, which usually takes a while. Like, 3 hours or more. But we were done in 2 hours and off to do missionary work! Our goal was 3 new investigators. Guess how many we added that day! 3!!! It was so cool because Sister Greathouse was driving and she said "Sister Bishop, you tell me where to go and let's street contact". I was like, "uuuhhhh....turn left here! Now right! HEY!" I said "hey" because we were right by a former investigator's house that we had an appointment with one time and she never answered the door. I had been thinking about her that morning and I forgot her name, but Heavenly Father led us to her! We taught a little about the Book of Mormon and set a return appointment. It was a miracle! Then we added one more former investigator and a completely new one that was a member referral. It was AWESOME! I think we were the only ones that met our goal by district meeting, so we didn't have pizza, but that's okay because I didn't want it anyway.
We helped a less-active lady move in one time a couple weeks ago. We went by to visit twice and invited her to church. And she came to sacrament meeting on Sunday!!!! It was awesome! We talked with her yesterday and Sister Roesenberg said she really liked it a lot. They talked about geneology and she loves geneology! She said she's gone back 15 great-grandfathers on her mom's side. We told her we thought that was so awesome, but now she gets to go the temple work for them! (first she has to get a temple recommend)
A family of islanders, the Fehoko's, are a returning-member family. They have been to church 3 times now! We absolutely love them. Yay miracles! I never want to go less-active. I want to always be active. There are so many blessings that come with keeping the commandments!
Speaking of church and Sundays, remember that one time I said I sang "When He Comes Again" at a members home? Well that leaked out and I was asked to sing in sacrament meeting! I sang the same song this last week, and people could not stop talking about how well I did! I'm grateful Heavenly Father let it sound good even though I was nervous. I hope that people take that as me being serious about missionary work and they give me more referrals!!! Yay for referrals!!! I love them.
Pictures are of Sister Pond and I at Sunset cliffs again. And of my district minus Elder Todd because he was too busy messing with his camera and minus Elder Poulson's head. XD We were sad like it was a funeral because this transfer we're starting now is his last one. But really, we should have had Sister Greathouse on those chairs, because in mission lingo, she died this morning. She lived a short life.
Sister Greathouse has been struggling with anxiety that attacks her immune system and makes her feel awful for quite some time. It's been a trial for her and for me. I can't go out and work and struggle with knowing what to do with the phone while she's trying to sleep it off. Anyway, she talked to Pres. Clayton about it on the phone on Sunday. He very kindly told her that he thinks she needs to go home and that he's been feeling that very strongly this past week. Soooo.........I cried. Sister Greathouse didn't, though. She was as cool as a cucumber. She never cries. I cry all the time. Anyway, it kind of surprised me because it's been a struggle being her companion. But as I came to know her and serve her, I loved her. I didn't realize how much until she was leaving and I was sad. I didn't want her to end her mission early and I would miss her. Anyway, now I'm hanging out with Sister Ritter and Sister Pond until tomorrow morning at transfers. Mom, Sister Greathouse "Laurel Rose Greathouse" is going to send me a friend request. Could you accept it, please? Muchos gracias! (by the way, I am learning some spanish. =D )
That's all I have this week. I'm excited/nervous to know who my new companion is. I'm not training, so it's very possible I already know her. I'm excited I still get to be in the Chula Vista 3rd ward. I love it. I've been in this ward for 4 months and 3 days today! Cool. =D
I love you, Mom and Dad! You're the best ever!
Your daughter, Sister Bishop the youngest (I would say younger, but that's Julianne's title)  
My district minus Elder Todd because he was too busy messing with his camera and minus Elder Poulson's head. XD We were sad like it was a funeral because this transfer we're starting now is his last one.

Sister Pond and I at Sunset cliffs again.

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