Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekly email #16 The Broadcast

This week has been pretty good. A few weeks ago in zone meeting we were talking about setting a date for someone to meet with the missionaries. Sister Pond, a sister in my district, saw success at setting a date and praying for someone to accept the invitation to be baptized. So she callenged Sister Greathouse and I to do it. So we did. We picked out July 7th as the day that someone would accept the invitation to be baptized. Well, two people did! One has a date and one doesn't yet. The one that doesn't have a date is Alexis Fehoko and her husband and in-laws are less-active. She is really sweet and she's only 20! She has a son that is about 8 months old. Imagine if I was married and had a baby!  I can't even imagine it. I feel much, much too young. Plus, I wouldn't be on a mission. Anyway, she was the first one we found. The next one, with a date, is Alejandra Tavera. Some people reading this might recognize/realize she is from The District 2. Elder Murray and Elder Tuituu were the elders teaching her about the Book of Mormon in the district videos. Anyway........we tried to teach her about 2 months ago and she was in the middle of something crazy and she could not focus on the gospel! But her boyfriend that was holding her up all these years has been kicked out (and found to be  a criminal) and she is so excited to be baptized! She has to quit smoking and kick a boy roommate out of the house. She is set on being baptized onJuly 20th. We taught her last night and she was so fun! She was excited and talkative and much, much better than before! I really love her and I have faith she will be  baptized this time.
 Hey, the broadcast on Sunday was AWESOME! Missionaries giving church tours and using FB to proselyte. Sounds like the work is indeed hastening. I love the scripture in D&C that Julianne shared in her email this week. It is so exciting to be part of the hastening and be a full-time missionary at this time. Sometimes I imagine telling my children someday that I was alive when sister missionaries had to be 21, and I was 19 when they changed the age to 19! I bet it'll be a really good story someday. Anyway, I was really touched and I loved hearing about how members and missionaries can work together to do the rescue and inviting people to come to Christ. Everyone, do as much missionary work as you can! 
Speaking of missionary work...Sometime this past week I was watching the Mormon Message that has to do with Elder Christofferson's talk about seeking the Lord's correction. The phrase that he says "Thank you, God, for cutting me down. Thank you for loving me enough to hurt me." I thought about me and the dreams and aspirations I had before coming on my mission and mostly still have that God told me to put on hold to go serve a mission. I was making a lot of progress in ballet, and I had chose to stop for 2 years because that is what God wanted me to do. I feel like saying, like Elder Christoffersons aid, "Thank you, God, for cutting me down. Thank you for loving me enough to hurt me." I LOVE being a missionary! Sometimes it's hard, but it is so rewarding. I learn a ton of things from studying for investigators. And like it says in John 15:2, the people that are doing good are going to be "purged". We get trials so we can grow. Sarah Markle reminded me in an email that one time on a thankful turkey I made in freshman year I wrote that I was thankful for "opportunities to grow". Heavenly Father sure has given me a lot of them! And not just me, He gives them to His children. He loves us.
Last night we went to dinner at the Keeler's. We had helped them move into a new house in the ward a few weeks ago. They had us over, the Lewis' and the Eynon's. We shared a message about "Why trials" based off of John 15:2 and 4 and we had a really good discussion about how we're blessed from these "opportunities to grow", or "qualifications" as one of our memebers says. Then after the lesson they asked what I was going to sing. They might have been joking, but I said I would sing if they really wanted me to. So we went into their beautiful room with a piano and Sister Eynon played "When He Comes Again" and I sang along. It was wonderful to sing! And kind of fun to perform. =P I have really, really, really enjoyed singing lately, and I think I realized why I enjoy it more now than I did before my mission. I used to dance all the time, but I can't really do that now. But I can sing! I still loved it before my mission, but now that dancing, the other thing I love and probably even more than singing, is not an option, I put more into singing. It's really fun. =D Anyway, that's about all I have today. I love being a missionary! I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow and invite others to come unto Christ. The gospel is so, so true. I love that I know that. It has blessed me life immensely and will continue to do so.
Love, -Sister Bishop
Hey Mom, can you see if you can subscribe to Kelsey's blog emails or something like that? She said it's possible. Maybe you can ask Sister Edwards how to get my email subscribed. I heard from her. I'm SO excited for her. And mom, I'm SUPER glad you got to have lunch with Sister Edwards! Tell her I love her!

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