Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekly email #14 No More Training

Well, I've made it through the 12 week training program. We finished on Sunday. I am now officially "trained". Transfers are tomorrow. We know that Sister Brown is leaving and going back to the battalion. Sister Greathouse and I are staying here. To be honest, I'm nervous/scared. We just barely finished training, and we're going to stay together? It just sounds difficult. We don't have any exciting news this week. Sorry. Sister Brown and I went on exchanges with Sister Mims yesterday. That was fun. It's funny because Sister Mims has such a strong accent, and I don't have an accent at all, so I feel like a fake Texan when I'm with her. But I'm not a fake Texan. I'm a real Texan. Promise. Anyway, it was just a bunch of fun.
Dad, are we related to a Clarence Bishop from Bountiful? Someone in the ward down here knows him and wanted to know if we were related. Also, just for kicks and giggles, I found out that the ward Don is in borders the ward I'm serving in. Crazy, right?
And. just wondering, was my mission plaque made yet? I just want to see a picture of it.
I'm really sorry I don't have much to say right now. I'm still worried about how this next transfer is going to go and nothing amazing happened this week. I'll write again if I remember anything. Love you all! -Sister Bishop
This is a picture of Audrey with her companion, Sister Brown and our Sister Mims from our own Dallas Stake!

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