Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekly email #13 Suprise Baptism, Say What?!?!?!

I had my first baptism this Saturday!!!!!!! Rachael Schacht, the 19 year old we've been teaching for about 2 and 1/2 weeks was scheduled to be baptized on June 8th. She graduates on June 6th. She was going to move like 2 hours away a little after her baptism to live with her mom and step dad, but as it turns out she was getting picked up the DAY OF graudation. So she asks to meet at her house (which we've never done. We always met at her fellowshippers house) and she asks if there's any way she can get baptized sooner. She had been to church 3 times in a row, so we said "yep! Ready to get baptized on Satuday?" (It was Wednesday, the 28th). She said yes, and it was full speed ahead. We taught her the gospel, word of wisdom, chastity, tithing, and fast offering all in 3 days. And she was interviewed for baptism and baptized on Satuday!!! I tell you what, it was exciting! We were waiting right on the steps for her after she got baptized and after she got baptized and was about to change, we did a group hug and Rachael said (choking up) "I finally did it!". It was motivating,  that's for sure.
The first two pictures and me and my companions with Rachael before her baptism. The 3rd picture is her and Nathan Humiston, her friend that invited her to church just 4 weeks ago and did the baptizing. The 4th is a picture of me and Mariela Macias. She's 16 and she has a sister serving a mission, called to be in Russia. She's still in the MTC, I think. We met her when we got here. Anyway, I can identify with Mariela because I have a sister on a mission and I also miss her a bunch. So basically, we're good friends. 5th picture is me last night at this girls grad party and I had just spilled homemade BBQ sauce all over my skirt. I was going to make a funny face but then someone said something that made me laugh, so I'm smiling in the picture. And last of all, I got my hair cut today. Sister Klein is in our ward and is amazing at hair and does it for free for missionaries. So that was cool. We were there for like 4 hours because Sister Brown and Sister Greathouse got their hair highlighted. I passed because I don't want to up keep it and I don't want to grow it out again.
I don't have much else this week. I am so happy to hear Hank was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried, I was so happy. Congratulations to Mark and Kristin on their brand new son.
Love, -Sister Audrey Bishop

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