Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekly email #15 Learning Experiences

Last week on Wednesday we had transfers. Sister Brown went back to the MoBat, and she had to be there at 8 for the Battalion transfer meeting, so we didn't get to exercise that morning. Anyway, she left and got her new companion, and I was just worried what it was going to be like with just Sister Greathouse and I. I said good-bye to Sister Brown/my trainer, and my emotions were so mixed up. It was hard to be trained, probably because I was so proud (not that I'm the most humble person now or anything, but I'm getting better) and so my relationship with Sister Brown was strained. We had good times, and I especially loved her when I served her, but as far as missing her, I don't really. That could be a good thing. She was a good trainer. I learned to be obedient, which is what I wanted my trainer to teach me.
After the MoBat transfers Sister Greathouse and I drove some of the new sister missionaries over to the church building where we transfers were held. Before that though, President Clayton saw me and asked me how I was, and I told him I was scared. He asked why, and I told him it was because two newly trained missionaries were going to be together in an area, and he told me that Heavenly Father knows what he's doing and there's a reason I'm still in Chula 3rd with Sister Greathouse. I started crying because I needed to hear that, and Sister Greathouse gave me a hug. President Clayton said he would give me a hug, but he has to wait for the airport. Apparently he hugs the Sister missionaries at the airport on their way home. Except his mission will end before mine, so that will never happen. Anyway, it was a nice thought.
Being with Sister Greathouse has been a little challenging. Mostly I want to talk more than she does in lessons so I have to make sure to let her take her turn. It was weird because with Sister Brown she was the talkative one, and now I am. I think I just fill in the holes depending on what kind of companion I have. Also, Sister Greathouse didn't feel well on Thursday AND Sunday, so we didn't teach any lessons both days. We still got 20 lessons in last week, so that's good. We don't have any investigators with a baptismal date, and the ones we do have will probably take awhile.
Hey loved ones,
First off, next week I get to go to the temple again! We get to go every 90 days. I CANNOT WAIT. So I'll be emailing later in the day. That's all. 
We had zone conference on Friday. Elder Nichols, an elder serving in Don's ward, gave me two pictures Don had printed out, one of them signed by Don, Laila, and Rose saying "We love you, Audrey!" Don, I cannot tell you how happy I was to get those. It made my day and I showed everyone. Thanks for having the foresight to give those to Elder Nichols to give to me. It was SO GREAT!
  Also at zone conference we were doing a role play and I was pretending to be an investigater we had just barely added, when Sister Pond (a sister in my district) mentioned baptism as part of Heavenly Father's plan of salvation, and I was so happy! It felt like Alexis wanted to be baptized, even though she didn't know what it was. It reminded me of when I was in the MTC practicing the baptismal invitation for the first time and I felt the Spirit so strong and I cried just a tiny bit. (I don't mean to equate feeling the Spirit with crying. I know I don't have to cry to feel the Spirit. But I'm so emotional that usually I cry when I feel the Spirit really strongly) There is such a spirit that comes with the invitation to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized! If people truly understood what it means to be baptized (that we are keeping God's commandments and allowing ourselves to be on the road to live with Heavenly Father again) and the blessings that come from it, I think they would all join. But the spirit has to teach them, and sometimes they're not ready to feel/listen to it. It makes me sad, but I just have to move on and keep working.
Mom, you sent me the words that are from some youtube video when I was in the MTC. Something like "Dear Elder". I finally read it this week. It was so good. It helped me get excited to find more people to share the gospel with.
Does anyone know if Landon Swalberg is in the MTC yet? I think he is. And if so, is he in the Brazil one? Yesterday (June 17th) was Zach Swalberg's birthday. Mom, would you please call Sister Swalberg and ask her to tell Zach that I was thinking about him on his birthday? I even sang him happy birthday, not that he could hear it. I really hope he had a happy 20th birthday. Does anyone know if Ben Hathcock got his mission call yet? If so, where to?
Mom, is there anyway you could find Jenny (or Jeniffer) Kellis's facebook on my account and ask her to tell her mom my address? Or ask Jenny for theirs. I really want to write a letter to Sister Kellis, but I don't have her address. I think it's 9 Appaloosa Way, in Carlisle PA, but I don't know the zip code. Starts with a 0, I think. Anyway.......
Dad, did Brother Carlseen call you and wish you a happy father's day for me? I told him that I started crying when the primary children went up to sing for fathers day because I missed you, and he offered to call our dads. I was thinking about what a great dad you are, all the father's blessings you given me, the way you always pop my back when I give you a hug, how you like to saute mushrooms and poblanos and listen to funky old guy music when you do it. =P I was thinking good things. I love you, Pops. I hope you got my card.
Mom, could you google Australian Perth (Pirth) mission and the song "My Lord My God"? You know, the song that I love singing where the female does the alto part during some of it? I'm pretty sure you can download the song for free. If you want to print it off and send it to me, I'll do it for one of our mission president firesides. It'll be sweet.
We took Robert, one of our investigators to the MoBat on Saturday. He really liked it because he likes facts and history, but he also liked it because it's fun and way cute. He was smiling and laughing the whole time. There was this one time when a 5 year old dressed up like a soldier and her name was Annie. Sister Harris, the missionary that took us on the tour, was trying to hand Annie the guy to hold and she wasn't looking, so she said "Annie, get your gun", and it was SO FUNNY! Love musical references. Robert is still having a hard time feeling the Spirit and learning because it's essential to his salvation instead of just interesting. But we're praying how to help him.
I think I'm just about done with my email. It's longer than last time, so I hope you liked it.
I love you, family!
-Sister Bishop
p.s. Sister Greathouse found me reading the Ensign with the root beer in my hand and she wanted to take a picture, so I let her. I thougth it was funny.
The second picture was taken behind the MoBat at a missionary/investigator gathering thing. Most of the missionaries in the picture are from the Spanish Chula Vista zone, but my district leader, Elder Anderson, is in there somewhere.

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