Tuesday, July 1, 2014

And then there were three. Weekly email #69

Hey family! The big news of the week is that Sister Sheperd and I got a mini-missionary! Her name is Sister Chavez and she's from Chula Vista. She hasn't been to the temple, but she is set apart as a full time missionary. She's only here for 2 weeks. She seems to love it so far, but we only picked her up yesterday. Hopefully she loves it.
Before we picked up Sister Chavez, though, we had a pretty good week of referrals. One referral we received was from someone we streetcontacted a while ago for some men from Taiwan! They speak Chinese, mostly. Anyway, we had a lesson with one of them who goes by Tim, and he prayed for the first time! It was really sweet. We passed him off to the Mandarin sisters, though. We hope he gets baptized!
We had an appointment scheduled with an investigator named Unique on Friday morning. We were so excited that we forgot to check our phone as were were driving there and so we showed up on her doorstep and she said she had texted us and asked if we could meet later in the day. She had kind of just woken up and she felt like her house was a mess, but she let us in anyway! haha. We had a pretty good restoration lesson. She's not married, so she'd have to get married to her boyfriend named Jesus. (Not pronounced haysoos, but the English way, geezus). She didn't come to church, but she has a desire to be closer to God. We have high hopes!
I think I told you we were teaching a part member family, Charles (non-member) and Susie. They are pretty young and have an adorable son, P-nut. (His name is actually Jeremy, but he goes by P-nut and he is ADORABLE. Babies = trunky) Anyway, things are going well there. Charles didn't make it to church, but Susie and P-nut came! That was a little miracle. And Theresa and Selena came! It's always a miracle when they come because they haven't made it a habit yet. But things are going well there.
I'm afraid I don't have much else to say. Just invite people to learn! They're all hungering for the truth! Love, -Sister Bishop
pic 1 - Sister Chavez, myself, and Sister Sheperd
pic 2 - Look at all these clocks/watches!

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