Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The temple was super awesome! Weekly email #47

Hey Family! The temple was super awesome! I loved being able to go. If I don't get a new companion that can go before my 90 days are up, the next time I'll be able to go will be on my birthday!!! I'd love to go before then, but if I have to wait, I'm totes going onApril 22nd. What a super great way to spend my 21st birthday. We'll see. I did 3 exchanges this week! I don't have pictures with all of them, but I did exchanges with Sister Ellis, Sister Garlow, and Sister Claflan. They were all super fun. With Sister Ellis we were on bikes. (see picture below) She's waiting for her visa to go to Brazil and she has a super great attitude about it. My next exchange was with Sister Garlow. We had a busy day and it was a lot of fun. I like her a lot. And then yesterday I did an exchange with Sister Claflan. She's being trained by Sister Memmott, my MTC companion. She's only been out 3 weeks. She told me she was super nervous for our exchange, but we had a great time. She's totes def going to be my friend from now on. On one of the exchanges the lady member was asking what I'm doing for school. I told her I was a dance major at BYU. She asked what I wanted to do with it, and I said "I want to be a mom", and she said "good for you!". That made me smile. 

Another funny thing that happened this week was when I was on exchanges with Sister Garlow. We were doing work up in Ramona and we were in an awkward time when we only have 10 minutes before an appointment and there's not enough time to go try and see someone, so we were sitting in the car in the church parking lot making phone calls when a car full of teenage-looking boys and girls drives through. They look at us kind of funny, and then  in a minute they come back around. The kid that was driving yells out his window "Oh wait, are you Mormons?" We said yes, and then he said "Oh, shoot, I was going to ask for your numbers". And then he drives off. Except he didn't say such a nice word as shoot. It was funny. Too bad he didn't want our number, or we  could've invited him to the singles ward! 

Update on Dave. We saw him one night when we were coming home and we asked him how he was. He wasn't doing so well because his Dad had just had a heart attack. I felt prompted to go ahead and ask if he had read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. He said he finished reading all of it 4 hours before he found out his dad (who is his best friend) had a heart attack. He said that he liked a lot of it, so we offered more reading from Alma 40-41. He now has a Book of Mormon. A different day we went by and met his wife and found out his dad still isn't doing well. (pic 4 was taken that day) So now we're praying for him. 

I don't think I have much more to say. Love you all! I pray for you.

-Sister Bishop 

pic 1 - English Sister Training Leaders! me, Sister Pond (I'm hoping we'll get to be companions one day), Sister Engebretsen (Sister Palmer's trainer), and Sister Palmer. Please ignore my pit stains. Other than that, it's a lovely picture. 

pic 2 - Sister Ellis and I on an exchange last Wednesday. We rode bikes all day long, so this picture is trying to show you our bikes. 

pic 3 - This is Brooke, the Mormon dog! And those are Dave's legs. haha 

pic 4 - Sister Claflan and myself yesterday

pic 5 - Spring in January! San Diego is beautiful! 

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