Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1 Nephi 18:16 Weekly email #49

Happy 34th anniversary, Mom and Dad! I know it's coming up at the end of the week. =] 

Mom, one time when I was little, you told me that church should be part of every aspect of my life. I know that you were talking about having a Christ centered life, and I just wanted to let you know that I still remember those wise words. =] 

Oh, and happy Valentines Day, everyone! 

I don't have very much to say this email. So sorry! Carlos, one of our investigators, came to church! That was super exciting! We were hoping to see 3 investigators there, so it was a little sad, but then I was grateful that we even had Carlos because we haven't had an investigator at church since Heather got baptized. We did start teaching Heather's friend, Lisa. We taught her 3 times and yesterday she dropped us. =/ We were really sad. Even though we parted ways in good spirits, it still felt like a bad breakup. Being dropped is always hard. Bum. Anyway.....

Yesterday Sister Palmer and Hermana Hess (a Spanish sister training leader) went to the Imperial Valley for MTE's, so I hung out with Hermana Hansen yesterday and did Spanish work! I said a few things in lessons. If I could testify in Spanish, I did. I could do that a little bit. And then sometimes I'd just say something in English and Hermana Hansen would translate for me. My favorite part of the lesson was when we read from El Libro De Mormon, because I can read Spanish. haha. It was super fun. We helped make dinner. We had chili rellanos! They were SO GOOD! With rice and beans. You can only imagine I was ecstatic. I attached a picture. =] But I think that's all I have to say today...... I love you all!!!! 

pic 1 - we made Elder Hill (district leader) a trophy. Him and Elder Arntsen made us the flower I'm holding. 

pic 2 - bad picture of some of my zone at the end of last p-day. I ran around playing soccer and frisbee. It was fun. 

pic 3 - Sister Bishop, Sister Solis (member in Santee Spanish branch) and Hermana Hansen. We made chili rellanos! 

pic 4 - up-close of my dinner last night. I helped make these chili rellanos! 

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