Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ocean Beach peir and Sister Sorenson and Sister Mims, again! Weekly email #48

Pues, (well in Espanol), this week was pretty great. Last p-day I got to go to a pier in Ocean Beach. (see pic 1) It was really beautiful. I recommend coming to pick me up when my mission ends so you can see all the beautiful things. Or you can come back with me soon afterwards. It's super beautiful here. Anyway, let me tell you why this week was awesome:

Austin is a member in our ward and he's preparing to serve a mission. Him and Kyler (Recent Convert) have a mutual friend, Patrick, that has been to church for farewells and various things. I think he was at Bring Your Friend to Church in September, too. Anyway, he's been leery of learning about the LDS church because Austin and Kyler always  joke that they're going to baptized him and he was getting sick of it. But last Sunday Patrick was at church and we were setting up an appointment with Austin. I said "Patrick, do you want to come?" He said probably and we totally made it work for him. Last Wednesday night Patrick went to Austin's house at 8, 15 minutes before we went there, so that Austin could apologize for being silly and ask him to listen to us with an open heart. When we got there Austin gave us a sign letting us know that it was okay, and we could talk to Patrick openly. We had a pretty good lesson! We taught him on Saturday, too, and invited him to be baptized. He didn't say yes or no. But he's keeping commitments. He's praying and reading his scriptures. We're meeting with him next on Friday night and he should be coming to church on Sunday! Whoo-hoo! 

Fast Sunday was awesome. We were fasting for rain and for Bring Your Friend To Church on February 16th. Ashley Pretorius, my recent convert that is from South Africa, bore her testimony in Afrikaans. It was SO COOL! I could feel the spirit and she seemed a lot more comfortable up there speaking her native language than speaking English. Heather also bore her testimony. Speaking of Heather, she was called to be a ward missionary and she's already doing a fantastic job. She got us a referral of a friend named Lisa. She's about 20 and she's in our area!!!!! We're teaching her tonight at 7:30 with Heather there. Wow wow wow wow wow. Our ward is really catching the missionary fire. I LOVE IT. 

As you can tell from pictures #3 I went on an exchange with Sister Sorensen and Sister Mims. It was a good exchange. We taught a Muslim family. It was just the first lesson. If they want to be taught again they have to be interviewed by our mission president. I also got 2 free dictionaries which was an answer to prayer. I'm starting to read Jesus The Christ and I don't know what half the words that James E. Talmage uses mean. So it was a big blessing. =] 

Mom and Dad, there should be a California San Diego mission blog. You should look it up. I'm  pretty sure you'll see a picture of me somewhere. Probably in a group. 

Hey Family, is there anything you want me to include in emails? Like....I dunno. Anything? 

That's all I really have for this week. I love you everyone!!!!!! -Sister Bishop 

pic 1 - Sisters from my zone at the pier in Ocean Beach left to right: Sister Ellis, Sister Thaler, Sister Castillo, Sister Huang, Sister Wells, myself, Sister Palmer, Sister Wang, and Sister Strasser

pic 2 - Elder Arntsen and myself. He is my district leaders companion. I was doing that thing you see with my hands and he copied me and then we took this silly picture. XD 

pic 3 - Sister Sorensen, Sister Mims, and myself. I went on MTE's with them in UC 2nd. 

pic 4 - Vikki is the mom of a returning less-active. She got baptized on Saturday! Sister Palmer taught her her first lesson and invited her to be baptized. She said yes and then we passed her off to Green Valley. =D 

pic 5 - Sister Palmer and I TODAY celebrating 5 months as companions.

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  1. Hi, I hope you get this comment! I'm trying to find Sisters Mims & Sorensen; I knew them from the University City 2nd Ward and know they've finished their missions by now. I gave them my FB profile and design page; they said they could reconnect after their missions. I'm now living in LA. If you're in touch with them, please tell them Leah is looking for them! My email is sundayriversong at gmail dot com. Facebook page is suntreeriver design. Thanks and hugs and hope!