Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Transfer #6!!! Weekly letter #32

Hey family!

I have been in the field for 30 weeks. Wow. Sometimes I can't believe I'm starting my 6th transfer. But then I look back and I think "yeah, a lot of time has passed". Either way, it's been good. I sure am learning a ton. Sister Palmer and I get to stay together for 6 more weeks, at least! I am super grateful for that. =] I really love Sister Palmer and I really love the Mt. Woodson YSA ward. It's the best. So, I'm excited to be with Sister Palmer in this ward for 6 more weeks. BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO HAVE AT LEAST 2 BAPTISMS!!!!!

Boone (investigator brought to church by his friend) accepted a date for November 2nd! And get this, he drove himself to church (20-30 minutes away) and his fellowshipper slept in and walked in late to sacrament meeting. Boone is so great. Sister Palmer and I love him and we're excited to be here for his baptisms NEXT MONTH!!!!!!! Whoo!!!! Nancy is still on for next Friday. Pray that she'll keep her date for October 25th. She accepted Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. We need to teach her tithing and sabbath day before her interview this week. I hope that goes over well. She's sharing the gospel with her family and she reads from the Book of Mormon when she's scared or has time at work. (she works nights at Jack-in-the-Box). It really is amazing to see everything that's happening in this ward. Wow. 

AND!!!!A potential investigator came to church with his friend this Sunday. We met him after Sunday school. His name is Keegan. We asked if he was visiting, and he said "No, I'm investigating". We were blown away. Even our investigators don't know that they're "investigating". He has been coming to church since March. Not the YSA ward, though. He went to the Lake Poway ward. But he's 18 and graduated. Apparently he met with the missionaries once 5 weeks ago. Well, we're meeting with him tonight. We told the Lake Poway elders. They don't like that we're taking their investigator, but they're okay because he's 18. They can teach anyone in their area. We can only teach the YSA aged people. They're hard to find. But we've been seeing tons of miracles. Wow. It's amazing.

We went on 2 exchanges this week. The first picture is of me and Sister Landeen. I went to El Cajon. It was sketchy. But fun! The next day I was back in my area and Sister Durrant came with me. She had a DR's appointment. The second picture is of her about to get adjusted at the chiropractor's office. It was fun to do 2 exchanges in a row, but also not as fun. Sister Palmer and I were companions for about 30 minutes in between exchanges. Then we exchanged again. It was super nice to have both of us back in our apartment. Anyway....

A sister got sent home this week. It was really sad and it made Sister Mims go into a trio with a companionship in our zone. Turns out they're staying in a trio this whole next transfer. Sister Mims is stressed. But she's a good missionary. She'll be okay. 

On Sunday we had testimony meeting. It was a really great meeting. Everyone actually bore their testimony, not a thank-a-mony or just telling a story. People testified of truth, and because of that the spirit was there. It was really cool. Sister Palmer and I both shared our testimonies and a lot of people thanked us for them. I just love this gospel! IT'S TRUE! I'm really happy to know about Jesus Christ and have Him be part of my life. 

That's all I think I have to share today...........

Life is good! Love you all! 

-Sister Bishop 

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