Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NANCY GOT BAPTIZED!!! Weekly email #34

Dear Familia,
This week has been pretty great! NANCY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! Wait, let me back up and tell everything in order.
On Wednesday we did exchanges. Sister Palmer and I both worked in Green Valley ward which is in our zone, but to make it kind of like an exchange Sister Buenning (from China) and I stayed in my apartment. Anyway, the first thing that we did was a service project. Sister Buenning and I dug a ditch for a sprinker system. It was good hard work. I'm pretty sure my back is still recovering. =P But it was fun! We had a good exchange the rest of the day. I like doing exchanges. I get to learn a lot. On Thursday we had a mission leadership training, which was all zone leaders, district leaders, and sister training leaders. It was so good to finally be told what the expectations are as a sister training leader! I can now focus on how to help the sisters better. Plus, for the first time I felt like I was a leader. I really wish all the sisters got to be sister training leaders. Because we learn so much! I have a feeling I'll spend the end of my mission training and someone else will be sister training leader. But that's like, forever away, so I won't worry about it. Anyway, I've been focusing on developing Christlike attributes so I can be a better disciple/leader. I'm learning a ton! I had a prompting to get a blessing from Elder Nestoryak, my district leader, about being a better leader. It was really good, and it directed me to the scriptures and my patriarchal blessing. Heavenly Father knew exactly what I needed to hear. Sweet!
On Friday after noon Nancy got baptized! The baptism was set for 5 pm, so Sister Palmer and I get there at 3:30 to fill up the font and set up chairs and stuff. We get there, and our master key doesn't open the closet that has the jumpsuits and the faucet handles in it! So, not only can we NOT get jumpsuits for Tom and Nancy, but we can't turn the water on! We're a little stressed, but we call our zone leaders and our bishop and tell them the situation and we continue to set up chairs and get our little intermediate presentation ready. At 4:30, the time Nancy and Tom are supposed to be there so we can take pictures before the baptism, we get a text saying that ALL of the Ramona people are going to be half an hour late. Meaning, they'll be there at 5 instead of 4:30. Guess what! They all came at 5:45, after everyone had been waiting for almost an hour. BUT! They came, and there were people to support Nancy. Her father and her grandma came, which was a big deal. We heard later that they felt the spirit and were a little interested, so they might be taking the discussions! Boone, who is getting baptized this week was there, too, and he was practically giddy with excitement for his baptism.
Nancy's baptism was short and sweet. The testimonies were simple, and the spirit was there. A lot of people were really touched. Tom, who is a convert of a few years, has never baptized anyone, and he did it perfectly in one try. Nancy bore a simple testimony saying she knows this is true and she is going to continue to progress in the gospel. Her confirmation on Sunday was really special, too. =]
Yesterday for FHE we did a find-and-invite, where we're visiting people that are YSA age going to the family ward and invite them to come to Mt Woodson! Boone came to find-and-invite. So cool! He's not even baptized yet!
So, Julianne is finishing her mission in a week. I didn't know it was possible, but I'm "sister trunky". I don't want to be the only one out on a mission! I really loved it being both of us. There was support in knowing we were doing the same thing. So, Julianne, please, don't forget me once you go home and get busy. I would be so, so, so, so sad.
Ummm......I think that's all I've got! Love you all!
-Sister Bishop

Chris, Cesar (who invited Nancy to church), Nancy, Tom, and Jake
Myself, Sister Palmer, Nancy, and Tom
Sister Palmer, Nancy, and myself after her baptism

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