Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baptisms coming up! Weekly email #33

Hello family (+ some)!!! 

This week was pretty good. Nothing super duper exciting. We added a new investigator, Keegan. We have tried to meet with him two other times and he always slept through it. It's hard for him because he works at night, and then he falls asleep and misses our appointment. But we'll still meet with him. He admitted he was stubborn, but we asked him to be baptized if he knows it's true, and he said yes. So, now we just need him to feel the Spirit strongly enough to know he needs to get baptized. He's been coming to church since March! He just needs to be baptized already! 

Last Wednesday Sister Palmer and I got to go to transfer meeting without either of us being transferred! Because we're sister training leaders (STL) and all, we go to take notes of what President says and of where the sisters go so we can keep in contact with him. It was an exciting meeting. We don't find out where we're going to get transferred until we go there. So, we go to a chapel, and we sing a song, then Sister Clayton says something, then President Clayton says something, then he starts with the transfer script. He starts with zone 1, and he states the new zone leaders if it's changing, then if you're staying and your companion is leaving, when it comes to your ward he says your name, you stand up, and then he'll say something like "In the Mt Woodson ward, Sister Palmer's new companion will be Sister Bishop". (I chose that because it happened last transfer) Then I get up and give her a hug and sit with her! I've heard it compared to the NFL draft. Haha. Anyway. It was really fun to go to transfer meeting and feel the excitement without feeling the nervousness of getting a new companion. By the way, this is my 6th transfer and the first time nothing has ever happened to me or my companionship. 

At the transfer meeting I got to see Sister Pond! My friend from Chula Vista! She finally got transferred after 4 transfers there. (same as me) The first picture is of us. I love Sister Pond! I hope I get to be her companion someday. 

Nancy passed her baptismal interview! (she's in pic #2 ) She's getting baptized for sure this Friday at 5pm. =D =D =D It was a funny story how it happened. We drove up the hill to Ramona (about 20 minutes) to where she lives for her baptismal interview. Our zone leaders had to give our district leader a ride up there because they don't have a car, and they had to get permission from president to do so because it's out of the Poway zone (same stake, different zone. We cover two zones because we're the YSA missionaries) Anyway, Sister Palmer was really tired the night before when she was telling Elder Nestoryak to leave at a certain time, and told him to leave an hour and a half before the scheduled interview time. So they're all there an hour early, and Nancy doesn't even come on time! We call and call her, and her friends that are members, and they're not answering, so we go to Nancy's house to find her. We did find her, thankfully. We ended up having to walk to the church from her apartment because she can't ride in our car (mission rule). It was kind of fun, though. We taught her a lesson on the way there while we were walking. We even prayed. Haha. It must have looked funny. Anyway, then she got interviewed by Elder Nestoryak and she passed, and we walked back with her to get our car. Then we drove back to the church to teach Boone, our investigator who is getting baptized on November 2nd. He is really doing well! His fellowshipper didn't even come to church on Sunday and Boone came by himself and on time. His testimony is really growing. Boone came to FHE last night. He's in picture #3. All things are amazing in my mission right now. 

I don' think I have a ton of things to say besides what I've said. I hope you enjoy all the pictures! A picture is worth 1000 words, right? In which case, I sent you 6000 words in pictures. 

Love you, family! I can't believe Julianne is going home soon! Crazy! 

-Sister Bishop 
 Sister Pond and myself at transfer meeting

Nancy at our FHE activity last night

Boone and a pumpkin he carved by himself for the first time.

                                                 Sister Palmer and I with our pumpkins. Her's says "Sis Palm"

Close up of me and my pumpkin. It says "Sis Bish", and the other thing is supposed to be a bow (by the way, we say "sis Palm" and "Sis Bish", because our previous zone leader, Elder Laxton would say just the first syllables of things, such as our names. It was funny)

Nella, a less-active that is making strides in coming back to church!

Another view

(cheesy grin) I like it!


October Zone pic 1

October Zone pic2

October Zone pic 3

Crazy October Zone pic 4

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