Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OCTOBER ALREADY!?! Weely email #30

Dearest of dear families, 

This month/transfer has gone by so fast! It's already October and we're in week 5 of our transfer. I can hardly believe it. It's been a pretty good week. Sister Palmer and I went out and did exchanges in El Center/Imperial Valley. It's almost 2 hours away from the rest of our mission. It's the desert. Everyone who serves there says it's magical. There are a lot of baptisms. BUT IT'S SO HOT OUR THERE. One time we called the sisters that are out there and they said it was only 113 degrees farenheit outside, and that it wasn't "that  bad". Crazy. Anyway, we double covered their area since there was no way we were going to go back to Poway to do the exchange. I went with Sister Munns. It was a good day. Surprisingly, it was BEAUTIFUL weather out there. It  maybe got up to 80. Yeah, it was crazy. Anyway, pictures 1, 2 and 3 are from that exchange. It was fun. 

We went on another exchange yesterday. Sister Marmol came with me into Mt Woodson area and Sister Palmer went with Sister Marmol's companion. First off, Sister Marmol is a temple square missionary. They come out full-proselyting for two transfers so they can have the experience. Which is cool, except where are my two transfers as a visitor center sister? =P Anyway, she's from Spain! I was speaking Spanish with her. Only a little. But I knew enough to say a few things. I told her I wanted to pray in Spanish, so she helped me out while I was asking Heavenly Father to bless the food. Haha. She was super cute. I really like her. I hope we stay friends. She's in picture #5. She was telling me about the temple square mission. Oh my gosh, it is so different than a normal proselyting mission. First off, there are ONLY sisters there, except for the mission president. All 200 something sisters have to get a blessing from him if they want one. Second, all the district leaders, zone leaders, and assistants to the president are sisters. Crazy!!! They work really tiring hours. They get transferred all the time. And by transferred, I mean they move assignments and apartments. It was just so crazy to learn about it. It sounded neat. 

Hey, the Relief Society broadcast was this week! IT WAS SO GOOD! They had the choir as sister missionaries from the MTC. When we heard that, Sister Palmer and I both just started crying. We're so happy to be part of the work right now. Sister Palmer is 19, and doesn't turn 20 until just before her year mark. She's super young. Anyway, then the whole thing was about missionary work and keeping covenants. Mom, I thought a lot of you. I hope you felt my love. And then President Monson spoke of prayer. Man, super inspired. I cannot wait until general conference! It's going to be so good! =D =D =D 

On Sunday we had "bring your friend to church". Only 4 or 5 non-members were there. A lot of people said their friend couldn't make it that Sunday, but was going to come another Sunday. It was good, though. We got two appointments out of it. Well, kind of. One was with Nancy, the girl we were supposed to see last week but it didn't work out. So, it would have been great if we had investigators there, but we don't have any to bring, so we didn't. But we will soon! It was pretty fun to see how people were telling us about their friend that couldn't make it that day, but was going to come later.

On Sunday night we got fed dinner at a members home. Her name is Diamond, and she's a convert. It was really fun. She's in picture #4. 

Yeah, I don't know if there's a whole lot more to say. I really love what I'm doing. I know the gospel is true. I'm excited just being here. =] 

Love you! -Sister Bishop 

picture 1 - Sister Palmer being excited about going back to her birth place, me being apprehensive of  going out to the Imperial Valley.

picture 2 - an example of all the boulders we saw on our way out to the valley. SO MANY. 

picture 3 - a picture of Sister Munns and myself, the sister in the valley I did exchanges with 

picture 4 - Sister Palmer, Diamond ( a member ) and myself. Mom, I'm wearing the necklace you made me! One of the strands broke off. And I'm wearing a new watch I got because my old one stopped working. 
picture 5 - a picture of myself and Sister Marmol, the temple square sister from Spain


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