Sunday, May 4, 2014

What a week! Weekly email #60

Things have been good! We are really busy here in the Fuerte ward! Before the week was even started we had about 15 set appointments, (I think), and that's a lot of appointments!!!! We are keeping busy. Probably one of the best things that happened just yesterday I will copy and past from President Clayton's email. (hope you don't mind)

This past week we were learning from 12 week and the district about working with members and the ward council. We heard that some past sisters didn't like our ward mission leaders tactics at missionary work, so they didn't have a very good relationship. So we've been praying to be able to establish trust with Brother Tills. Yesterday he gave us an opportunity to pull weeds for him, so we jumped at the chance. We had a pretty good time pulling weeds and we heard some of his conversion stories and told him why we each came on a mission. After that he came to a lesson with us that went really well. He found one of the two people we taught at that lesson. Brother Tills could not stop thanking us for our help at pulling weeds. It really was a great way to establish trust. I'm grateful for that service opportunity. 

I probably didn't make it sound like we had that good of a time pulling weeds, but trust me! We did! It was really super great. 

Along with building trust with our ward mission leader, we added 5 new investigators this week and we already added one yesterday for this week! We have a lot of of work in this ward. And there are two companionships here. Lots to do to save all the souls! 

We did an exchange this week. It was different because this time I wasn't the sistertraining  leader conducting the exchange. Sister Barfuss, who took my spot when I left Mt. Woodson, came to Fuerte with me. It was a good exchange! We had a lot of fun and she helped me have a better positive attitude. We had a good time. I was a little sad when we exchanged back because I missed Mt. Woodson andSister Landeen, but the tears were short. I do love Sister Sheperd and Fuerte. You know how I love hanging on to things and people I've connected to in the past. 

I'm not sure I have much else to say. It's been a good week. Life is great as a missionary! Love you all!!!!! 

-Sister Bishop 

I included a week of pictures. Hopefully you like them! I had to put them in 2 emails because I had so many!!!!

pic 1 & 2 - me blowing out all 21 purple birthday candles on 3 DELICIOUS smore's cupcakes that Sister Arrington made for me. It was fun! 

pic 3 - a picture of me inside this HUGE GARDEN of flowers. It was almost horder status of flowers. But beautiful! 
pic 4 - Sister Barfuss and myself on our exchange

pic 5 - AWESOME picture I found this week

pic 6 - Cow tongue tacos! Otherwise known as tacos de langua. I thought it was yummy! 

pic 7 - The little kid in this picture was born the day I entered the MTC. That's how old I am in mission age!!!! Whoo-hoo!

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