Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekly email #63


This week has been good. =] We saw a little miracle on Friday of last week. We were trying to find a potential investigator we had talked to, and he had given us his apartment number and pointed to a complex, but when we went back to look it wasn't the right complex so we were trying other complex's on the street. We went to the same number apartment in a different complex and the person wasn't there......sad. But as we were turning to walk down the steps we saw someone that was on his way up and asked if Troy lived there. He responded in the negative, but we went ahead and introduced ourselves and asked what his name was. His name is Kevin and he's 31 and does solar paneling and he was nice and gave us kool-aid and water (which was much appreciated because it was a bajillion degrees last week) and we invited him to church. He actually came to church! He only stayed for sacrament meeting but he was well greeted and lots of members asked us later how we met him. We have an appointment with him this Friday. We are so stoked about Kevin!!!! Miracles happen every day, people! 

Also this week we had MTE's, which stands for Missionary Training Exchange. We get instructed for 3 hours, then we go out and work with a coach all day and come back for 3 more hours of training the next day. Family, I have been a coach for 3 rounds of MTE's. (they happen every 3 months) and it was SO NICE not to be a coach for MTE's. Sister Pond and Sister Garlow are our new sister training leaders and Sister Pond came with us. We had a blast and saw miracles! In the training from President Clayton we were reminded that we can sing in lessons to bring the spirit, that we need to help members do their missionary work (and were given pointers on that) and how to keep from being stressed. At one point we were talking about inviting members to share the gospel with people they know and people they DON'T know, and that made me think of what a great missionary you are Mom. I love your stories! They motivate me so much! Anyway, President Clayton said he had identified 3 street contacting machines in the group, and he called up all 3 of them and I was one of them! I was so shocked! But I'll tell you what, it made me feel a lot more confident in street contacting the rest of the day. We went out and saw miracles! 

Family, are you doing missionary work? I know there's always something you can be doing, even if that something is getting to know your neighbors better. 

Back to the story: We street contacted a lady who speaks Arabic (we could barely communicate) and she invited us into her home. Luckily she has a grandson who lives with her that translated for us. We taught a really simple lesson about the restoration and had a prayer with them. They said they were catholic but that they'd give us a chance and now the Arabic elders are going to their house this Friday!!!! It's really exciting! 

We also went and saw a part member family at the request of the ward mission leader. We had the wife and the non-member husband and sang "Families Can Be Together Forever", and let me tell you, the spirit was there! The husband still said he'd rather not learn, but after that we talked to the wife about her missionary work and she gave us two referrals!!! We're excited about those. We've really been feeling like we need to work with more members to find people to teach who are ready to hear the gospel. 

That's about all, family. Keep up the hard work in following the gospel!!! I love the gospel and know it's true and I'm so happy I'm a missionary!!!! 

Love, -Sister Bishop 

pic 1 - a picture of my district from district lunch yesterday. Guess who's in my district again?! Elder Arntsen!!!! He's a good friend so I'm really happy about that. And then Elder Mason Lucero is not only in my district but we're serving in the same WARD now!!!! Small world! There are now 3 Texans serving in the Fuerte ward and one European. (Portugal)

pic 2 - MTE's! 

pic 3 - Sister Pond! LOVE HER!

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