Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!!! Weekly email #42

Hey familia and otherwise. =]  Merry Christmas to you! I don't have much to say today, but the little bit I have, I'll tell you. 

Does anybody know how Boyd and Susanna (also, I can't remember if her name is Susanne or Susanna. Sorry!) are? I thought about them the other day. Just wondering. 

Our mission fleet coordinator has been cracking down on mileage recently, so Sister Palmer and I borrowed bikes from the elders in Lake Poway and rode them to the church building that's 1 1/2 miles away for a lesson. When we got there our lesson  got cancelled, which we were super bummed about, but we sure liked riding our bikes there! (see pic 1) We did it one other time, this time with longer skirts, and it was a lot more enjoyable. Julianne, how did you bike on your mission? Haha. It felt good. 

I did an exchange with a Sister from Mexico that is English speaking right now. Her name is Sister Lopez. She's legit learning English right now. Anyway, we had a really awesome day! (see pic 2) Her teaching is really good because she only says what's necessary and she pauses to think which invites the spirit. It's the best. 

We had our mission Christmas party this week!!!!! That was SO FUN! They fed us breakfast and President and Sister Clayton gave us all a California San Diego temple recommend holder. On the inside it has the CSDM logo and our mission scriptures, 2 Nephi 2:8. It is SO COOl. Oh, and it says "With love, President and Sister Clayton". I am going to keep it FOREVER! They gave us time to take pictures while we ate. It was so fun to see friends from past districts and zones. SO GOOD! And then we did a gift exchange. I got two pair of earrings, one of them I'll probably never wear because they're so little, but the other pair is silver french twists or something like that.....hard to describe. I LOVE THEM! I wore them yesterday. After the gift exchange we went into the chapel and we just all sang hymns together! Our whole mission! I was so touched by the spiritual power in there that I just cried. President Clayton also told us about the mission president that is coming in July. His name is President Schmidt and he is from Texas! His family is young, with the oldest of 4? kids still in high school. It'll definitely be different, but I already felt a lot of love for him. President Schmidt will be my mission president for 9 or so weeks. Cool. btw, I got a picture with Elder Mason Lucero as proof that he's in my mission. Enjoy. =] 

Last Tuesday before p-day was over we went to a Christmas house. This guy that has a lot of money decorates his house up with no stoppers and has santa come. And it's free to take a picture with Santa there so tons of people go there. So we went there before everyone and we took a picture with Santa! There's a picture of some of us sisters in the zone with Santa and Mrs. Claus. =] 

Also, we have a baptism this Saturday! Ashley is getting baptized at 3 pm and I am SO EXCITED!!!!! Christmas gift to Jesus. =] 

Also, the best picture is of me and family! I asked President Clayton a little while ago about Don taking me and my companion out to lunch for Christmas and he said yes as long as it was in my zone and on a p-day. So today Don, Laila, and Rose took me and Sister Palmer out to a greek restaurant. And we've been at the stake center since then. I love this picture!!!!!! =D =D =D 

That's all! Merry Christmas! Love you all! 

-Sister Bishop

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