Wednesday, August 28, 2013

;) Weekly email #25

Hello, all!
I don't have a whole bunch to say this week........... Nothing super exciting happened. We've been teaching people and asking for referrals and getting some (but not 31! Good grief, Julianne!) and contacting them. We didn't add any referrals last week, which was a bummer. But we'll get some new ones.
Our investigator, Rob Ramirez, is a 32 year old single guy that is border patrol and army reserve. He's neat. Anyway, yesterday we met with him in the morning and read Alma 47-48 with him. We were trying to get him to be excited about reading the Book of Mormon. He liked it, we think. He asked if we were going to read the next chapter, which we didn't, but at least it piqued his interest. We're really hoping to set a baptismal date with him soon. Problem is, he's only 85% sure this is right, but he won't get the spirit telling him to join unless he reads the Book of Mormon. So, yeah. He's a good guy.
We're also teaching Martha, a mom and school teacher. She's asking wonderful questions and is impressed that we're able to answer them. As we were teaching her the plan of salvation last night I felt that we really needed to invite her to be baptized, so we did. She said she wants to make sure it's right, which is understandable. We want her to know that, too. Her son that is 19-ish had come home from work and kept turning on the radio  and the TV and stuff. When the radio had been on for a minute or two, I asked Martha if we could ask him to turn off the radio, which he did. (It is SO HARD to concentrate when music is playing.) Then he turned on some violent movie that was playing the rest of the time we were there. It was hard to feel the spirit when the f-bomb is being dropped in the background. No wonder Martha didn't say yes to being baptized. ........Maybe that wasn't the reason. But it certainly didn't help.
I really don't have much else to say......... it's the last week of our transfer! Next Tuesday morning we'll find out if either of us is moving. I've been here for 4 transfers, so I might get transfered. Except that missionary headquarters people in Salt Lake wants sister training leaders to be together, which would mean that I might stay with Sister Kober another transfer. But, maybe not. I could get transferred. I'm a little nervous. =/
Mission life is great! I love you all!
-Sister Audrey Bishop

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