Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Miracles happen! Weekly email #26

Hey family!
Lots to say today! Well, at least I have exciting things to say.  First off, I'm getting transfered. I'm sad because I love Chula Vista 3rd ward so much. And my companion, Sister Kober. It was soooo good being her companion for this transfer. We'll probably be friends after the mission. =] I'll miss her. Also, because I've never been transfered before I'm a little nervous. I might get to be companions with another sister training leader again. That's what they're trying to do, so we'll see. If I am, it'll be another delightful transfer, I'm sure. Next week you'll get to hear about my new companion and my new area. It'll be exciting.
The next thing, and probably the best thing I could tell you, is that we had a miracle baptism on Saturday! Do you remember me telling you all that Elder Ballard promised the leaders of the mission that we could have a baptism before the end of August? Well, Sister Kober and I had faith in that promise. We fasted and prayed for that baptism. When we were weekly planning for week 6 of the transfer, we planned to have 1 baptism and 1 confirmation, even though no one had a date for baptism. Anyway, on Monday morning we met with Rob, an investigator we were trying to get baptized on August 31st. He was 85% sure he was ready for baptism the week before. Anyway, we read from the Book of Mormon with him to get him reading (he wasn't reading.) . He really liked it! He got excited, and then on Thursday morning we woke up to a text from Rob saying he'd been reading a lot and that he couldn't put the book down. He said he felt like he was breathing menthol or peppermint. (that's how he feels the spirit) And he asked if we could have a "study session" that day. We said yes and arranged to meet him at the temple. Now, this whole time Sister Kober is sick. We were inside the whole day until then. Anyway, we were preparing a lesson, and we thought we'd better teach him word of wisdom and law of chastity just in case he was going to get baptized on Saturday. We prayed about it and we both felt it was right, so that's what we taught him!
We taught Rob the word of wisdom and the law of chastity in the waiting room of the temple. It was SO COOL. (Have I ever told you how beautiful the temple is? SUPER BEAUTIFUL!) We could feel the spirit strong. We talked about keeping our bodies clean so we could enter the temple, and then we taught word of wisdom and then chastity. He accepted them both, and then we asked him about  being baptized and he said he had prayed about it the night before and God told him to be baptized! I was so excited my face got red and Rob pointed it out! That was probably my favorite part of my mission so far. He received revelation that he needed to be baptized!!!! And then Sister Kober said "now....when is the question". We knew we wanted him to be baptized on the 31st, but we wanted him to choose. And he did! So, we threw together a baptism. A good amount of people in the ward showed up and Rob really felt loved. It was great because he doesn't have any family in the US except for a brother in Pennsylvania. (he's from Dominican Republic) Anyway, it was really, really good. It was SUCH a faith builder to see a promise fulfilled by an apostle of Jesus Christ. Miracles happen. I testify of it.
Julianne, people talk about President Donaldson all  the time. He was the mission president when the district was being filmed. Crazy that you met him. And it's crazy you have ipads!
Mom, have you ever heard the music to The Lamb of God? We're borrowing the CD from a zone leader, and it is SO BEAUTIFUL, it makes me want to cry. It has Daniel Beck in it. Look it up! You will be amazed!
 That's all I really have to say today. Except for.....does anyone have a picture of our family at Grandpa Merrill's funeral? Could I get a picture of us? I'd really love to have one of my family. Love you all!!!! -Sister Bishop
pic 1 - Sister Kober and I at the temple with Rob on Thursday before baptism
pic 2 and 3 - us with Rob at his baptism!!!! YAY!
pic 4 We're trying to take a picture with the little girl in the middle Her name is Audrey. She is SO adorable. (obviously. With a name like that, who wouldn't be?)

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