Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spiritual thoughts Weekly email #23

Hello wonderful people!
I don't have a whole lot to say this week. Last p-day was fine. On Friday no missionaries were in our area because we were on exchanges for what we call MTE's, or missionary training experience (or exchange). Since Sister Kober and I are both sister training leaders (or sister trainers), we both went on exchanges. I went with Sister Blair (one transfer behind me), and Sister Romine (two transfers behind me). We had a good time. They were teaching this 14-year-old girl, Carlotta, who was an exchange student from Italy. She was only here for 6 weeks (a transfer!) and she gained a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and she wants to get baptized, whether or not her parents like it! She was the cutest thing ever! She had the light of Christ about her, and I loved hearing her say the closing prayer. The 4 young women from the local ward that were there for the lesson and to say good-bye were blown away by her sincere, heartfelt prayer. It was pretty neat.
That night I didn't sleep very well, thus resulting in a very tired and slightly emotional Sister Bishop on Saturday. Who says all days are great? Haha. It was still a good day, but I was struggling. I'm all better, though. No worries. I just don't want people out there to think missions are all easy. They're not, but they're worth it. I LOVE serving a mission. I can't even imagine not having come. I'm learning so many valuable things. My testimony is a lot stronger than it once was. It's the best, basically.
Last Wednesday, Kathleen Shaeffer, a less-active we found--------back up. Let me give the back story. Sis. Greathouse and I knocked on her door one time and she invited us back the next week for lunch. So we came back and she asked to be taught about the Book of Mormon. So we gladly acquiesced to her request. We've been going every week now for a few weeks, and she's been progressing! She has a brother in Tennessee (they're both older,so he has grandkids she thinks the world of! And they're homeschooled. Boo-yah! =P ) that is a faithful member and she loves him. Anyway, good things happening. She came to a Relief Society activity last Wednesday! And then.........SHE CAME TO SACRAMENT MEETING!!! She hasn't been to church is like, 40 years or more. An old visiting teacher of hers saw her there and cried, she was so happy. Then when Sister Norris thanked us later for getting her to church and she was crying. But really, we didn't do anything. We were just there at the right time. Her heart as been prepared. We went to the Mobat with her and a less-active friend from another ward yesterday. They really liked that. It was neat. =]
Last night Sister Kober and I taught a lesson to Martha, an investigator we added with a front porch lesson a while back. This was our first lesson since then, and she was asking all the questions that are answered with the restoration!! We were trying to talk about the Book of Mormon, which we did, but then she kept asking questions and we had to go because we had another appointment.
Missionary work is the best! Mom, way to go for loving that less-active lady at Wal*Mart!!! You're the bomb!
Dad, I'm sorry you were under the weather. I also sent you a birthday letter, but it might not get to you until Thurdsday....=[ Sorry. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!! Love you like crazy!
Mark, thanks for the pictures of your handsome son! They were so fun to get. =D
The work is good, the church is true.
I love Heavenly Father.
In Alma 2, the Nephites are going to battle against the Amlicites who joined with the Lamanites. It said that they were as numerous,as it would seem, as the sands of the sea. Can you imagine that?! And in the next verse (I don't remember the number...sorry!) it says that the Nephites were strengthened by the Lord and they began to slay the Amlicites/Lamanites, so that they were driven back. It just makes me think of Phillipians 4:13, and how we really can do all things through Christ. We can. I know it.
Keep reading the Book of Mormon! It's the best book EVERRRRR!!!!!!!
-Sister Bishop the younger(est)
p.s. the first picture is of Sister Romine, Sister Blair, and myself.
the second picture is of Sister Shaeffer getting dressed up at the Mobat
the last picture is of me and Sister Mary Wells, who I know from my modern class last fall!!!! She's a dance major, too, so it was really super fun to see her. She and one other sister are the new mandarin speaking missionaries in this mission. They're the only ones so far.
p.p.s I get to go to the zoo today!
Sister Romine, Sister Blair, and myself

Sister Shaeffer getting dressed up at the Mobat
Sister Mary Wells and me

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