Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What a week! Weekly email #65

Family! This week (last Wednesday, tobe exact) I finished reading Jesus The Christ. It was an absolutley wonderful book. I am so glad I read it and that I grew closer to Christ as I did so. This week we worked hard and guess what? It felt awesome! I love working hard. Especially for a good cause.
Also last Wednesday we met with Jesse, an investigator that had a date when we got here, but has since been trying to drop us. But this time he said he regretted not getting baptized when he was scheduled to and now he wants to get baptized on June 7th! That's this Saturday, people! We are so excited! He was interviewed again by the district leader, and now he's getting baptized. I'm especially excited for Sister Sheperd because this will be her first baptism as a missionary. It's pretty sweet!
We had 5 investigators at church this Sunday!!!! I've never had that many at church my whole mission! We had Don, Jesse, Theresa and her daughter Selena, and Linda. It was kind of hectic. Sister Sheperd had a little bit of a hard time because Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. I used to feel that way. But it's not as a missionary! Every day is a day to work! Even on p-day.
On Sunday afternoon we went to the Tills (our ward mission leader) house for dinner and they invited Sister Trotter (Linda). It was so cool! We felt the spirit and it was nice for Sister Trotter to feel the spirit in a members home. Sister Tills asked me to sing a song for Sister Trotter, so I sang "Faith" from the childrens songbook which led in nicely into our discussionon faith. It was really, really cool. I have really been appreciating the Tills and all they do for us. Oh man, Sister Tills has delicious cooking and I always tell her so. She says I can come back anytime! haha Anyway, the picture is of Brother and Sister Tills (Sister Tills has the dark hair. She's from Peru), Sister Trotter, Sister Sheperd and myself.  Oh, and the Tills have a bajillion and 5 fruit trees in their yard. It's really like a garden of Eden. I have had MANY tangelos, oranges, grape drinks from grapes and kumquats from their yard. I LOVE IT!
Oh, and President Clayton decided this week that Elder Lucero should be the district leader so he can have some leadership experience before he goes to Brazil. She in the middle of the transfer, Elder Lucero became my district leader! It's such a small world, I tell you. Mom, did you ever talk to Sister Lucero!
I don't have much else to say. The work is moving forward! OH! This is pretty cool, but it's not related to me. There are a lot of Arabic people in El Cajon, and about my 4th transfer President Clayton received revelation to transfer 2 elders to Arabic. There are now 2 companionships of Arabic speaking missionaries and just this last Saturday they had their first baptism! I could not be more excited for those hard working elders! They give us referrals all the time. Anyway, that's all. LOVE YOU ALL! -Sister Bishop
Brother and Sister Tills (Sister Tills has the dark hair. She's from Peru), Sister Trotter, Sister Sheperd and myself.

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