Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another soul comes to Christ! Weekly email #66

Family, this week has been pretty good and also sad. What was great is that Jesse was baptized!!!! It was a sweet baptismal service and the spirit was definitely there. I sang "Beautiful Savior" as a special musical number right before he was baptized. People said I did well, so I believe them. Jesse was confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday, and he was practically beaming! It's always exciting when people decide to come to Christ. 

One thing that was sad this week is that our investigator, Sister Trotter, dropped us. Once again, it felt like a break-up. Dumb. Well, she has agency. It's just hard when people choose not to act on the spirit they feel. I have to say, what makes me even more sad than non-members not accepting the truth, is when members that have gone less-active turn away from the truth and the spirit. That is so hard. And sometimes they're pretty mean. I mean, I don't like that they're mean to me, but mostly I'm just sad that they are choosing not to keep the covenants they have already made. =[

On Thursday evening we had dinner with a young couple that both served missions. (they fed us delicious food!) The couples names are Raymon(d?) and Amanda Agulair. They were talking about how fast people go home from their missions and get married and such, and I  said Julianne was like that because she got married like 4 months after she got home, and Raymon said "What's her name?" and I said "Julianne Bishop--I mean Julianne Roan."  He said "Is her husbands name Timothy?" I was really starting to wonder why he wanted to know, but I said yes, and he said that Tim (or Elder Roan) was his zone leader on his mission in Guatemala! You kmow how they say the mormon world is small? Well it is. And Raymon isn't even from California. He's from Honduras! He told me cool stories about Tim and what a great elder he was. It was fun to hear. 

On Friday we had zone meeting. It's where the zone leaders tell us information that President Clayton wants us to know. It was pretty good. It just so happened to be my 15 month mark, and I realized I only have 3 more zone meetings left on my mission (one a month)! Wow. Sometimes I look back in my journal and I read what was going on a year ago (I was in Chula Vista and Sister Brown was just about to go back to the battalion) and I see how the Lord has helped me on my mission and how much I've grown! I know I've changed and I hope to keep changing. I know that change is good as long as it's repentance change. (meaning it's bringing me more in line with God's will. Anyway, keep praying for my growth, please! 

Another thing that made this week harder is that we dropped 3 investigators (maybe more? Some we just haven't been in contact with since we've been here) and one or two dropped us. (see story a few paragraphs above) So now we have almost no investigators. It's alright. Then we'll just add them like crazy. We, and the elders that share the ward, have really been seeing that street contacting doesn't help us get solid investigators. What we need is the members help! I really have a testimony that the members and the missionaries are supposed to work together in this work. So now we're on a mission to meet with a bunch of members and see what work they're already doing and encourage them to do more. Everybody, if you don't know your missionaries, go meet them! Invite them into your homes and get them to teach a lesson and commit you to something and make them follow-up! I know that if you are strengthening your testimony of Jesus Christ that it'll be easier to share the gospel and I also know that as you share the gospel your testimony will be made stronger. That's just the way it goes! 

So.....that's all I've got to say today. I love you all!! -Sister Bishop 


pic 1 - Oh-my-gosh-we're-still-weekly-planning faces!!!!!

pic 2 - I-have-the-best-companion-ever faces! 

pic 3 - This man, Raymon(d?) Agulair was Tim's zone leader on his mission! 

pic 4 -  Jesse got baptized! 

pic 5 - El Cajon zone! 

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