Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! Weekly email #52

FAMILY!!!!! Guess what! I was set apart one year ago today. It's official. I'll be a missionary forever. I'm technically calling my year mark March 6th because that's the day I entered the MTC. Woot! Woot! Sister Landeen and I have sung together with her guitar a few times. Yesterday after mission leadership council we stopped by the mission office because our tiwi had been off all weekend and I had to check my own speed (TIWI is a monitor in our car that knows where we are and if we got 7 mph over the speed limit it says "check your speed" It's pretty nice because I don't have to worry about the speed limit. If I get yelled at I know I'm going too fast) so we tried to get the fleet coordinator to look at it. He wasn't sure what to do about it, but we found out for sure we're moving in with a member later this month. We heard the rumor first when we went to our apartment office and the lady said "Oh, you're moving out soon, right?" We said "what?!?!" haha. Then on Saturday I saw Elder Harrison (pic 1) in a different zone and he asked if we'd moved yet. He served in the ward that we're moving into......if that makes sense. Anyway, we clarified it yesterday with the housing coordinator, Elder Trotter. He told us it's going to be good. So....we'll see. I've never lived with a member. 

On the way to the baptism in another zone for Sister Landeen it was raining like crazy!!! It rained 4 days in a row this week. That's good because we've been in a drought. So, that's that. Yay for rain! (except I not-so-secretly dislike the rain because it makes me drowsy and I need to be energized to go do missionary work and I can't just take a nap because that would be disobedient.)

Sunday was a cool day. Sister Landeen and I were fasting to find new investigators. We only have one, and we are desirous to baptize many people, so we're working hard! Our testimony meeting was great. In the YSA ward people don't give thank-a-monies or travel logs. People just say things they know are true. So the Spirit is there really strongly. Anyway..........we had been trying to find all evening and we hadn't found anyone. Then we were in our apartment complex parking lot at about 8:57 and I saw a kid walking behind our car with beer in hand. He looked YSA age so I just said "Hey! Are you 18 to 30?" He said yes, so we invited him to FHE the next night and said as missionaries we like to talk to people about Jesus Christ. He was pretty  chill. We got his phone number and he didn't come to FHE, but he said he was still ok to meet. Miracle at 8:57 at night!!! 

Sad news from this week is that Elder Casey, one of my zone leaders and a good friend, had to go home this morning to have surgery on his knee. =[ He should be back in 3 months. (see pic 3) 

Sister Landeen and I went to the zoo today! The Brundages have passes where they can bring one guest with them, so they drove down to the zoo and let us in and then they bought us lunch and left. It was a beautiful day to go to the zoo! See attached pictures. 

This is the last email I'll send home before Julianne gets married. I had a hard time about missing the wedding on Thursday. Sister Landeen helped me feel better. I have an exchange planned for Saturday, so hopefully focusing on someone else's area will help me not focus on the fact that my only sister and best friend is getting married. I am really happy for Julianne and Tim! Congratulations! Love you! 

I love everyone else, also! Please remember me on Saturday as I preach the gospel in the San Diego Mission being out for one year and 2 days. 

-Sister Bishop 

pic 1 - Elder Harrison, myself, and Sister Ellis. Friends from Poway that got transferred. 

pic 2 - rain! 

pic 3 - Elder Casey and I yesterday after mission leadership council. We were both wearing purple. Whoo-hoo! The best color! 

pic 4 - San Diego Zoo! 

pic 5 - Po! haha Kung Fu Panda is awesome. 

pic 6 - Sister Landeen playing the guitar. =]

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