Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One year gone, and a sister married. Weekly email #53

To all who care,
This week was good. On Wednesday we found a new investigator, Carlos (now we have two investigators named Carlos), that we found just outside of his apartment complex. We found him by talking to everyone! We're pretty sure he felt the spirit, but sad thing is that he wasn't there for our return appointment. =[ Big bumskies. We'll look for him again.
Thursday was my year mark!!! That was a really fun day. We had a district picnic at a park in Poway. It was really fun. Elder Bittner, one of my zone leaders, brought a hump day shirt and a camel so I took a picture with it, even though my hump day was 3 months ago. But it was fun.
We're teaching a good number of returning less-actives now, so we're hoping to find new investigators through them. It's always time to find new investigators!!! As one of my earlier zone leaders said, attitude is an attitude, not an activity. And that's so true. Maybe that will relate to my life after the mission when I'm looking for potential eternal marriage partners. haha. It's an attitude, not an activity! But seriously, we are trying to find.
We headed out to the Imperial Valley for exchanges on Friday night. I got to go on an exchange with Sister Romero. It was a good exchange. She's a really great missionary. The next morning was a little rough because it was the day Julianne was getting married. (Thanks for the pictures you sent to Sister Van Alfen! It was a real treat! Could I get a few more, por favor?) I received strength from Jesus to make it through the day, though. And I am not kidding. It was only because of Christ and His atonement I was able to do missionary work that day. Congratulations, Julianne and Tim! =]
We had zone conference yesterday. We were taught a lot about using the Book of Mormon in everything, because it is our most powerful resource in conversion. I love the Book of Mormon. It is so great. And true.  Yo se el Libro de Mormon es la verdad! And I want everyone to read it! People at home! Hearken to my voice! Share a copy of the Book of Mormon with someone this week. It's that great. And....that's about all. Sorry this email is so boring. I try to make up for it with pictures. Love you all!
-Sister Bishop
pic 1 - me at my year mark. That's what the one finger is signifying. And I'm wearing the same blouse, necklace, and earrings that I wore into the MTC.
pic 2 - happy hump day? Not really the hump day, but it was fun.
pic 3 - my district at Old Poway Park after a picnic on my year mark Left to right: Elder Murdoch, Elder Arntsen, Sister Landeen, myself, Elder Bittner, back left to right Elder Hill, Elder Cardiff.
pic 4 - Sister Romero and myself at the end of exchanges

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