Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Boring email. Sorry. Weekly email #45

Hey family! This week wasn't super exciting. Last Wednesday I went to transfer meeting and a new elder that is the great-nephew of someone that I helped bring back to church when I was in Chula Vista came in. That was super fun. I didn't get to meet him before he went into the trainer trainee meeting, but I saw him when we went on exchanges to the Imperial Valley. (which is an hour and a half away). His name is Elder Egnew. He's pretty young, but I love his aunt so we can be friends. =P 

We went on exchanges in the valley, as I said. It was a good day out there. It's below sea level and it stinks super bad at night. From cow manure or something. But it's a fun place. I hope I get to serve there one day. My dream is to whitewash train into the valley. The people that served there always talk like it's some kind of club. I want to be in the club! Haha. 

On Friday morning we had interviews with President Clayton. I told him how I'm struggling feeling charity. I pray for it and such, but I still feel inadequate and loving people is difficult. He gave me a good quote and let me know the way to do it is to choose to have charitable feelings towards that person or people. Any suggestions? It really is bugging me. I also told him that I really want to train. So if he gets revelation that I should train, I would be more than fine with it. I would definitely learn charity if I was training. 

Other than that.......not much has happened this week. It was a slow week for numbers because we had meetings and we were out of our area for almost two whole days. We're trying to find people to teach. Hey! Someone look up YSA in Poway/Ramona/Julian on FB! Then tell us their names and addresses or phone numbers. We'll baptize them. =P 

The most exciting thing is that today is Sister Palmer's birthday. She is now 20 years old! I love birthdays. =D =D =D Thank you, Mom, for instilling that love for birthdays in me. 

Sorry this email was so boring. I guess weeks like this happen. Love you all! -Sister Bishop

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