Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What a week! Weekly email #35

Dear Dad, Mom, Eddie, Brindie, Todd, Rachael, Don (and Laila, but I don't have her email address), Mark (if you even read my emails! It's like you don't even like me! and Kristin, but I don't have her email), and Julianne (I think? I don't have her civilian email. Mom, could you show this email to her and have her email me from her normal email?). 

I love you all! This week has been pretty great! The first thing I have to say is that I did an exchange on Halloween. We had Sister Garlow and Sister Sorensen come to our area and we double covered it on Halloween. It was really fun the night before because all 4 of us were sleeping in one room. It was a sleepover! Except we just went to bed at 10:30. Haha, anyway. Sister Garlow told me she was going to be a cat for Halloween by wearing all black and a leopard print scarf. I thought about it, and I was like "hey, I can match you!" So we did! picture attached - We had a fun day. =] 

On Friday morning our district leader, Elder Nestoryak (Don, he was trained by Elder Geier and Elder Koerner, and Elder Koerner is still in your ward. Also, Elder Cena and Elder Walker said they see you every week. They're supposed to tell you two things) called us and asked for us to bring our mileage to him because the zone leaders were going to pick it up. He's usually super excited for things and he loves talking to us, but he just hadn't been himself lately. So Sister Palmer and I made him a trophy out of toilet paper rolls really fast to take to him. We had been saving the rolls for a few weeks to get ready for his trophy. We stuffed it full of candy and rice krispie treats. Oh, did I say that Sister Palmer and I aren't eating any treats until Thanksgiving? We're doing it just because we can. =] So all that candy was in our apartment, and it was safe from us. Anyway, it helped him a little. I attached a picture. 

And of course, Boone got baptized, so that was amazing! WHOO-HOO! We did it in the Ramona building, and the font is attached to the gym and it looks like a big bathtub. Tacky, but it's okay. The important thing is that he got baptized. He was really excited, his girlfriend's mom (his girlfriend is at BYU-I) and his fellowshippers mom brought treats, so that was taken care of. Anyway, the turn out was pretty great. Lots of people came to support him, including his parents and his older brother! They were so nice! His older brother is a potential we're hoping to teach. Anyway, pictures are also attached of Boone's baptism. The baptism went well. Thomas only had to do it once. After the baptism Boone bore his testimony. It was a really good testimony. They we closed and talked with people. His mom gave us hugs and his dad gave us a nice firm handshake. We found out more of Boone's story from his girlfriends mom after the baptism. It's really quite amazing, so here it is:

Nikki (the girlfriend) is at BYU-I, and she had a prompting to ask Boone to go to church. She was scared, but she did it and he agreed to go with an open heart. So she called up Thomas to see if he'd take Boone to church. (we had never met Thomas until he brought Boone) He normally has to work, but he didn't have work onSeptember 29th! So they came to church and it just so happened to be bring your friend to church Sunday! Boone says he really liked the Plan of Salvation lesson we had in Sunday school. Anyway, after that we asked if we could meet with him and he said yes, and the rest is history! Okay, not really. Nikki found out when he was going to set a date for baptism, and she was freaking out. She's like "don't do this for me! Do it for yourself!" And he was! Thomas assured her the Spirit was there when we were meeting with him. Anyway, Boone apparently doesn't like to drive but now he was driving all over Poway to come to church and activities (being from Ramona, that kind of is a big deal. You have to come down this twisty highway and go down a big hill and it's like 20-30 minutes away) and he would never speak in public, but he bore a powerful testimony after he was baptized! The spirit has the power to change people! He loves the Book of Mormon and knows it's true. Wow, it was an amazing story. The gospel is true! Share it with everyone! 

Boone was confirmed on Sunday. The chapel was pretty full this Sunday! It was so awesome! =D =D =D Matt, a less-active we visited last Sunday kept his word and came to church! Then he came to FHE last night. Oh boy, it's so cool. Another kind of less-active guy came to church yesterday with his parents. He has bad social anxiety, like a lot of the people in our ward. His name is Brenden, he's convert of about 5 years. We went and visited them yesterday, and got his mom with a baptismal date for December 7th. We sat down and she pretty much said she was ready to be baptized. What else were we to do? Obviously she's not our investigator. We handed her off to the family ward. (Green Valley needs it badly! We were so happy to give the referral to those sisters!) Also, our bishop, Bishop Meacham, says we're the best missionaries he's ever seen, and he's been in Mt. Woodson bishopric for 10 years. It really is the nicest compliment I've received on my mission. Our whole bishopric is just so on fire with missionary work. It's the best bishopric Sister Palmer or I have ever seen. I really hope I'm here for Christmas. Not to mention, I love this ward. It almost feels like I'm home. It'll be hard to leave, whenever that time comes. There's not a possibility of it for another 3 weeks anyway. 

Guess what, everyone! Tomorrow will be 8 months on my mission! I can hardly believe. Julianne just went home, so it'll only be 10 months until I get to see her. =] 

Does anyone know Natalie Flaten's mission address of email? I really want it. And if you don't know, could you ask?

I am so happy! Missions are the greatest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D 

Love, THE Sister Bishop 

Sister Garlow and I as cats on Halloween.

Myself, Elder Nestoryak with his AWESOME trophy (the flag says "best dristict leader ever". It says dristict because one time Sister Palmer spelled it wrong, so now it's a joke) and Sister Palmer

Myself, Sister Palmer, Boone, and Thomas (who baptized him) before their white jumpsuits got there with the zone leaders.

the table we worked so hard on to make pretty

Myself, Thomas, Boone, and Sister Palmer.

My district after the baptism! - Elders Nestoryak and Arntsen, the sisters, and Elders Casey and Eppich.

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