Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A picture email. Weekly email #37

Hey Family! I am so tired today. I'm going to try and be exciting, but I'm pretty sure this is going to be a short email. I have 7 pictures, though, so I think I'll just tell my week with pictures

pic 1 - most of my zone at Sunset cliffs as the sun is setting. Perfecto!

We went to Sunset Cliffs last p-day. It was fun. Kind of cool. I should have brought a sweater. We played signs. Oh, it was such a good game. Sister Elyse Mims was in the center one time and we were getting super good at passing the sign quickly and she was getting so upset. It was a blast.

pic 2 - I LOVE YOU, FAMILY! 

I took this picture just for you, family, because I love you so much. 

pic 3 - the zone leaders and the sister training leaders! Also, they are our friends. 

Just Elder Casey, Sister Palmer, Elder Eppich (said epic) and myself. Elder Eppich is going to go home in a week. We'll miss him. I just thought this picture looked cool. 

pic 4 - Sister Bauro, myself, and Sister Twitchell on MTE's (missionary training exchange) 

I went to La Jolla with Sister Bauro and Sister Twitchell for MTE's. We talked to so many people on the street! They went back and taught one of them this last Saturday. It was a fun day. I have been on 3 MTE's this month (maybe 4?) and I have one more. They can be tiring! 

pic 5 - the last time I saw Sister Kober before she goes home next week. I loved being her companion! I'll sure miss her. 

K, really fast, not about Sister Kober,  but it made me think about it. Sister Palmer went down to Chula Vista, my first zone/area, for an MTE. We took Sister Mims out of her trio for the day and we dropped Sister Palmer off at the Chula Vista stake center on Friday morning. I was flipping out the whole time we were going into town. The Chula Vista stake center is where CV3rd ward met. That's my birth place! I was hoping I'd see someone I knew, but I didn't. Sister Mims and I had a great day. She ate a whole pumpkin pie by herself. I would've helped her, but I'm not eating treats until Thanksgiving. I'll have gone a whole transfer by the time I eat that delicious pie next week. Anyway, we went down to Chula Vista to pick Sister Palmer up on Saturday morning (it's like a 40 min drive) and there were people from 3rd ward cleaning the church!!!!!!! I saw Bishop Moulton, his wife, and their cute daughter, Bro Humiston (the doctor  you talked with, mom), the relief society president, Sis Firth and her adorable 2 year old, Audrey. Oh, it just made. my. day. I hope I get to serve there again someday. 

pic 6 - I borrowed Hermana Diaz's shirt and I thought I looked so good I had Sister Palmer take a picture. Sister Palmer's mom sent me the necklace in a package. 

This was on Sunday. I just thought I looked awesome. You can't see the back of my head, but I did a waterfall braid on myself. Haha, but other than that, Sunday was a great day. No investigators came to church (we have two now!) but this less-active we visited once came. Let me just tell that story really fast. His name is Matt W. We were just trying to visit people who have their records in the home ward and reactivate the less-active ones into the YSA ward, and we stopped by his house and he wasn't there. His step-mom told us to come back in 3 days (on a Thursday). We didn't havce time to go back on that Thursday, but a week and a half later on a Sundaywe went back to Matt's house and he let us in. He was SO SO SO SO less-active. Super into all kinds of drugs I've never heard of, and we just had a crazy meeting with him. We shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon. He liked it. He said he was interested in investigating the church. He wouldn't let us set up a time to meet with him or give us his phone number, but he said he'd be at church the next Sunday. Well, true to his word, he showed up at church and he hasn't missed church or an activity since! We met with him on Sunday night and he has changed since he's come back to church. And he has friends and he's probably going to take his earrings out soon. Whoo-hoo! The Gospel is true! 

pic 7 - I went to the Imperial Valley for MTE's yesterday and this picture was taken THIS MORNING with Hermana Hansen, a Spanish Sister Training Leader (IV stands for Imperial Valley) 

More pictures of rocks! I really enjoyed it in El Centro yesterday. 


Anyway, family. I love being a missionary, even if it's hard when sisters get married. Love, -Sister Bishop 

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