Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My first talk in Sacrament meeting. Weekly email #28

Dear Family,

This week has been pretty good. We went on exchanges Wednesday night to Thursday night. I went to Del Norte with Sister Romine. It was a good exchange. Not a whole lot has happened this week, though. Sister Palmer and I got to give talks in sacrament meeting two days ago. It was my first time on my mission! Whoo-hoo! I talked about faith, Sister Palmer talked about faith. It was really good. A lot of people said they felt the spirit. 

I don't really want to write...............and I don't have much to say. I'm excited about general conference coming up. It will be one year since they made the age change! Whoa! Also, I'll get to go to the temple again in October because Sister Palmer can go. It will be neat to go right after general conference. It'll probably remind me of a year ago when I went to the temple right before general conference. 

This morning we went on a hike with Sister Sorensen and Sister Buenning. It was so fun! It felt really good. It took up a lot of time, though. So, that's why it's short. But, I love you all! And I have a testimony! We don't have investigators yet, which is why I haven't told you about any. But we're working on it with "Bring Your Friend To Church" on September 29th

I love being a missionary. This work is the Lord's. =] 

-Sister Bishop 

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