Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekly email #10 Some Weeks are Normal and Some are Exciting

Weekly email #10
So......this week was pretty awesome. Here's why:
Sunday was mothers day and I got to talk to my mommy! By the way, Mom, thanks for keeping up with my blog. People tell me they read things on there and then they email and tell me things, and it's great. You are the best!
We added two new investigators. One we found street contacting, and the other we found by a member inviting him over for dinner. And Robert (that's his name) came to church this Sunday. We were really excited about that. Ana, our one investigator with a date, fed us dinner on Saturday night. We had barely started eating when she said she had a question. Usually her questions are about doctrine, but this time she said "I was wondering if there is any way I could get baptized sooner?" We were so surprised. And of course, ridiculously happy! She was set for the 25th. The only reason we hadn't picked the 18th is because she was supposed to be out of town, but her husband's work cancelled his vacation. So Ana said she knew it must have been for a reason, and she should get baptized this Saturday. So now we're putting together a baptism for this sweet lady who has a growing testimony of the gospel. It's wonderful to watch and be part of. We're working on talking to everyone about the gospel and asking questions, just like we learned in MTE, (missionary training experiences. See next paragraph) to get to know them better and know what to teach. We were successful on that yesterday. We're also asking everyone for referrals. We haven't seen success with that yet, but we know we will! If any of you are not talking about the gospel to everyone you know, DO IT! Missionary work is the greatest work you could be part of. Missionaries need referrals and finding through the members is the best way. And if you're worried about not being their friend, just remember that giving them the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ is the BEST way to show your love for them and for Heavenly Father. THIS MESSAGE IS TRUE. I love bearing my testimony every day. It is one of the greatest blessings I've ever been given.
MTE's are like zone conferences except we go on exchanges with a trainer for the day. Sister Brown was a trainer for another set of sisters in a different zone, and Sister Greathouse and I had a trainer. Her name is Sister Kober. She's great. =] We saw two people pray for the first time (which is one of the coolest things about missionary work) and had a lot of great street contacts. It was good to have Sister Brown back, though. And now we're applying the things we learned last week. We're becoming better missionaries! It's great!   .

On an unrelated to missionary work note, I tried some new things this week! Mom, I wore that animal print scarf I thought I was going to hate, but I didn't. I kind of liked it. Thanks for sending it to me. I also did pin curls. I put them in on Saturday night and had curly hair on Sunday. That was fun. People don't need to see these pictures, but they can if they want. It's the little things we occasionally get to do for ourselves that keeps us going sometimes.
Missionary work is the best thing ever! Ups and downs, with mostly ups because when we are obedient and diligently engaged in the Lord's work, we are bound to be blessed.
-Sister Bishop
Audrey and companion with Anna and children. Anna is getting baptized this Saturday!

Animal print scarf modeling

Curls! (back) and Sister Brown!

Curls! (front) (look at that face!)

This is the painful process. (How it's done)

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