Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekly email #11 Missions are Hard But Don't Forget Rewarding

This week was one crazy emotion roller coaster. Ana's husband didn't let her get baptized. We were all really sad, but we know she has a testimony and she has friends in the ward that are keeping in touch. We got a referral from the elders in Linda Vista who already has a baptismal date for June 29th. His name is WD Rice and he for sure is going to get baptized. He came to church this Sunday along with Robert, a member referral, and Rachel, another member referral. 

Rachel is 19, still in high school. She set a date with us for June 8th. She's really excited about it. We are too, obviously. We can see the work picking up in Chula Vista and we are so excited! When Sister Brown and I white washed Chula 3rd we had no solid investigators and we didn't know what to do. So we went to work, and people are coming out of nowhere. Actually, they're coming because the Lord has prepared them. 

We reached 21 lessons last week, which was the first time we've ever reached 20 here. The first time I've ever reached 20 lessons in a week period. One day we taught 6 lessons. Our companionship study was full of role plays, and we can tell that it helped. We're learning to simplify and intensify our teaching and people can tell. 
OH EVERYONE! NEXT WEEK I WILL BE EMAILING ON MONDAY!!!!! There's some kind of sister retreat the first two hours of P-day next week, so we're going to email on Monday. Be prepared and send things before Tuesday or I will be a sad missionary and nobody wants a sad missionary, right? Email me! =P But seriously, signing on to an inbox full of emails is the best thing ever.
Mom, could you find the quote that I love about graduating from seminary, loving home and family, not settling less for a temple marriage, and then women can perform miracles for the Lord now and throught eternity? It's on a picture thing I have somewhere. Or it's at the back of the new personal progress books. It's from an older prohpet like Ezra Taft Benson or Spencer W Kimball.
Dad, once upon a time you were what kind of 70? (the priesthood calling)
Mom, could you also call Sister Teresa Johnson in San Antonion and get Ana and Reed's email addresses? I'd like to get in touch with them.
Everything is great! I included a picture of me being a missionary. =P Well, I'm actually showing mom the awesome new clothes she gave me, but you can probably see my name tag.
I love you, Mom and Dad!
New scarf/missionay clothes

Me in beautiful San Diego!

My new scarf and sweater

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