Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekly e-mail #5 My first Baptismal challenge--Accepted! Also, squirted by a bedae.

So this week has been good. I asked one of our investigators to be baptized at the end of one of our lessons. She said yes and she has a date for May 11th. THAT is exciting. Sis Brown and I helped a less active lady in our ward, Guadalupe Gonzales, clean up her apartment. Pretty groddy. We were cleaning her bathroom when I accidentally turned on her bedae (I have no idea how to spell that) and water came spurting out of the toilet! It was a little scary. But funny. I didn't mind too much that my shirt was wet. Good thing it was just a t-shirt. We had to go home and shower afterwards.
Mom, Sister Grey called! Yay! She's one awesome lady! She converted after so much........you should ask her. I want to send pictures mostly.
My birthday is 13 days away! =P
Love you all!!!! -Sister Bishop

 Me with dance friends the day I entered the MTC.
 Look at us MTC district Sista's!
 This is my MTC district. They're awesome! Temple Day.
 This picture is awesome! This me and Elder Barber from my Dallas Texas Stake. Really good old friend!

 This is Jaclyn Olsen and I. We were in the MTC for about 5 days together. Conveniently, on the same floor of the same building. That's where our bedrooms were, I mean. Anyway, she was a college roommate from last year.

 This is my MTC companion and I pointing to San Diego! Great picture, hugh?
 Just for Mom. My first animal print willingly worn.

 This is me and Sister Brown on our second day together. I think it was our second day.
 This is most of my district on Milkshake Monday last week. There's the Chick-fil-A in our zone that gives out free chicken nuggets on Monday if you buy a milkshake. Cool, huh?

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  1. From Brother Till... I think Sister Audrey Michelle Bishop is Awesome ! Love you girl...ept