Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hello everyone!
As most of you know, I turned 20 this week. Can I just tell you that having a birthday on a mission is the best thing ever! We go to Milkshake Monday at Chick-fil-A every Monday with our district, and yesterday was no exception. It was super great. My district is so awesome. They brought me a card, cookies, and a cake, included with a happy birthday song. So fun. Love them all. <3 After that we went to work!

Felicia Gray is a new member, baptized about 2 months ago. Her family wasn't open to listening to us, but as we came over they listened anyway, and now the father, Scott, is even keeping commitments! On Sunday we talked to their family (including a daughter, Sarah who is 14, and a son, Kyle, who is probably 13) about family prayer and scripture study. Then when we taught them again on Monday night they had already had a family prayer together! There are big miracles happening. 

Monday (yesterday) was just the greatest day. It is week 6 in my training, which means we're learning about the importance of the Holy Ghost in teaching. During our companionship study we discussed ways we could be better at having the Holy Ghost with us, and it was with us all day! We went to the Mormon Battalion with Virginia Borjon, a woman whose husband is a less active and is currently deployed in the Navy. She felt the Spirit there. She really thought it was a neat story. We're hoping to set up more appointments with her to teach her. We have a goal for her to be baptized before her husband comes home in 6 months. Then they can work on going to the temple together! 

We taught Ana Defiori, our investigator that has a baptismal date. We had to move it from May 11th to May 25th because of church attendance and some vacations of hers, but she told us that she is excited to get baptized! We were still waiting on her to know that being baptized is what she needs to do, and she told us in this lesson that she had been thinking about being baptized. We're praying for her husband to come with her to church. He used to be really anti-Mormon, but now he lets her meet with us. 

We taught a less active family a lesson after dinner about the Holy Ghost. Because we had the Holy Ghost with us and were inspired to ask certain questions, they remembered times that were really special to them and they felt close to the Spirit. They agreed to meet with the bishop. 

Probably my favorite part of yesterday (which was my birthday, just as a side note) was the lesson we taught to the Gray's. We knew that we needed either Sarah (the daughter), or Scott (the dad) to pray after our lesson because they needed to know that's how they receive revelation. We showed them the 20 minute restoration video and talked about how the Holy Ghost feels. We invited them to be baptized. All 3 of the non-members there said they weren't ready yet. But the fact that they are investigating the church and are expecting to gain a testimony was a miracle! When Scott said the closing prayer I was praying so hard for him. I was also so excited and happy that he was praying, I couldn't contain the tears. It was such a beautiful thing. 

Missionary work is the Lord's work, of that I'm sure. I am so glad I get to be a part of this. I am becoming a better disciple of Christ as I learn about how to teach to our investigators what they need to know to gain a testimony and know they need to be baptized. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true.
Love everyone! -Sister Bishop

v  Sarah Grey  v
v  Audrey at the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center v
v  Audrey and fellow mission sisters  v
v  Audrey and fellow mission sisters on P Day  v
v  Audery was well taken care of on her 20th birthday.  v


  1. You're an awesome, and beautiful girl Audrey !!!

  2. How fun to see your mission pictures :D

  3. Mission miracles are so cool!

  4. Ahww Audrey. You're so beautiful! :) Glad to see you're happy and doing the Lord's work with joy.