Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Changes Weekly email #57

Wow! There were a lot of changes. First off, before I tell you where I am and who my companion is, last Tuesday I told a bunch of people that I was leaving Mt. Woodson and Kadi said she and Ashley wanted to meet me and Sister Landeen to eat at In-N-Out. Earlier Sister and Brother Brundage had given us a gift card there, so we went there for lunch. So instead we met at Taco Bell, and there were people waiting there and coming in the doors after us to say good-bye! It was really touching. Heather, Boone, and Ashley came. (we were just missing Nancy to have all the recent converts there). Nella came, Nicole (the RS president), Kadi (the boss member I'm totally going to be friends with after the mission), Clarke Steinman, and a few other people were there. Oh, and Boone's girlfriend, Nikki, who is awesome. It was really sweet. I miss Mt. Woodson, but I'm super happy to be serving in......
EL CAJON!!!!!! It's said like "el ca-hone" It's the Fuerte ward in the El Cajon stake. My companion is Sister Sheperd, and she's from.....Fort Worth, TEXAS!!! It is SO COOL that we're from the same state that isn't Utah. Sister Sheperd is great. And get this. Her favorite color is purple (so is mine!) and went to BYU for about 2 years before coming on her mission (so did I!). She just turned 20 in February. I'm really happy to have her. We "white washed" in to El Cajon, meaning that neither one of us was here the last transfer. There was an investigator with a baptismal date, but he pushed it back, so he might not have one anymore? Anyway, the sisters before us predicted a white wash so they prepared pretty dang well for it. We're well informed. We just have to meet everyone they were teaching and the members. It's fun work.
General Conference was awesome! Some things I learned from it:
2. in priesthood ordinances is the power of godliness manifest
3. have a gratutide attitude
I loved Elder Ballards talk on missionary work and following up. He invited us to share with members what we're learning in Preach My Gospel and for all the members to have a copy, study from it, and share with the missionaries what you're learning. Mom, you said that you're doing a good job at reading every day. Hurray! Now to get better, will you read from Preach My Gospel, also? And everyone that emails me, tell me what you're learning as you read from PMG! This week I learned about following up! And extending commitments! So I'm gonig to put that into practice as I follow up on reading PMG and telling me what you learned. PMG is the best!!!
Dad, a while back you were sending out family history things with pictures and it was really cool. I have a big desire to learn about my family history, but I don't have time on my mission. I don't even know where the name Bishop came from or who first crossed the plains to come to America or who first joined the church. Could you send out some kind of family history thing when you have time? I would love it!
Oh, and just in case everybody forgot, MY 21st BIRTHDAY IS IN 14 DAYS!!!! I'm not excited at all and I haven't told a single person. (lies!) But the good news is that I know for sure that I'm going to the temple on my birthday!! I just can't believe what a unique opportunity it is to go to the San Diego temple on my 21st birthday on my mission. And I can only go every 90 days. So it should be so awesome. And that means Sister Sheperd can go soon, too. The San Diego temple is SO BEAUTIFUL! And Sisters Palmer and Pond will probably be there, too. That would be even better because I love them. I get to have some of my closest friends with me in the temple on my mission on my 21st birthday. So cool!
And that's pretty much all I have. If anyone has anything you want to hear about, let me know! Love you all! -Sister Bishop
pic 1 - Elder Arntsen and I doing ballet on our last day in the same zone
pic 2 - Heather! Bye!
pic 3 - bye to Kadi who organized the surprise
pic 4 - Boone is givng me a "hover hug" haha
pic 5 - Sister Sheperd and I on our first day together getting a California burrito!

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