Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I report to the MTC in one week. I can hardly believe it's here already! I started my papers on October 10th. Exactly 3 weeks later they were submitted into Salt Lake. 2 weeks later I had my call to the California San Diego mission. And that was November 14th. I had almost 4 months to wait then. The wait wasn't bad. I had to finish the semester of school and that kept me busy. Once I was home I got two jobs and have been working both ever since. I had one day off, and that that day was Sunday. (Sunday is the best day ever!) So it hasn't seemed like that long. But looking back, it was a little while. And now it's here! One week!

Here's a picture of me right after I saw where I was going.

It's almost time! One week, 2 hours and 24 minutes until I report to the MTC back in the beautiful Provo, Utah.

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